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Workshop on stop-motion animation will help children to create own cartoons

Workshop on stop-motion animation will help children to create own cartoons

Yesterday’s master class on stop-motion animation hosted by RIDNI Animation studio was resumpted on the second day of the anniversary DYTIATKO International Children Television Festival. During this master class children made their own characters from plasticine which were then “brought to life” with the help of a camera.

It was emphasized during the tutorial that the more moves a character does for one action (which increases the number of shots), the smoother the animation will be. Thus, do not be lazy while creating your own videos. The participants of the festival were also told about different animated effects and specific features of creating them.

While giving an exclusive interview to the journalists of the Regional Council, Vsevolod Yatsres mentioned: “Creation of the animation product has three compulsory components: preproduction, filming and postproduction which includes frame montage and overdubbing. All stages are equal. However, filming takes less time than montage with the exception of hand-drawn animation because it requires thorough re-drawing of every shot or its separate parts”.

At the end of today’s master class the children will get their final videos, therefore they will be able to demonstrate skills that they obtained at the festival back at their schools and studios.

As for the search of the sources of ideas and inspirations, Vsevolod Yatsres advised to watch as many cartoons as one can, pay attention to the plot and details of the characters, their movements and interaction with the objects, reaction to certain situations. You can find a lot of educational videos and learn a lot about the new stop-motion animation on such popular platform as Youtube.


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