We are Local Self-Government!

We are Local Self-Government!

We are Local Self-Government!

2018, 8′

Children’s Studio “Young Journalists School”

Elina is a schoolgirl. She got homework at school to study what “local self-government” means.  As it turned out this is a broad and comprehensible theme, and the girl studies the subject very fast with help of her parents.

We are Local Self-Government

2019, 11′

Malanchuk Maria / First Class TV

Nestor and Sandra, hosts of the TV program, tell what self-administration is.

We are the future of our community!

2019, 9′

Student self-government of Shumsky NVK

The success of our community depends on us!

City Quest "The Treasure of Radziwill"

2019, 5′

Radоdrive Studio

This year our picturesque city of Radyvyliv is celebrating four hundred and fifty five years. It is a common practice to give presents to a birthday person. We have thought hard what to present to such an honorable anniversary celebrant and decided to organize the first ever in Radyvyliv city-wide quest for the youth of the community “The Treasure of Radziwill”.

Local self-government through the eyes of children

2019, 5′

Victoriia Prikhodko

I was born and have been living in the most picturesque place of our Ukraine – Vakulivska unified territorial community. Here you can find all conditions for participation and development of all its citizens, especially children.

Rational nature management in community

2019, 8′

Movie group “Dream”

A problem of rational use of natural resources in Bilotserkivska unified territorial community is topical since its creation. “Ecostyle”, a team of agitators of school self-administration of Bilotserkivska unified territorial community takes an active part in solving this issue.

Dreams Come True

2019, 10′

Creative TV

In our video we tell how children from a village school, having a dream to make their own videos and make animation, have earned money to purchase equipment for their school television due to their hard work and insistence. The work is edited in a style of silent movies.


2019, 7′

Children’s TV studio «ObovsemKa»

An attempt of children to study such a complicated issue as democracy.

Building Ukraine together

2019, 10′

Media school «Novy Kadr»

A story about volunteer movement “BUR”. A camp under the name of “Build Ukraine Together” came to the village of Vvedenka in Chuhuiv district. The mission of these boys and girls is to help renovate the premises for families which found themselves in the crosshairs and create something new and necessary for the community. The village council, residents and volunteers jointed this process.


2019, 4′

Studio “Initiative Youth”

We, young people of Ovrutska community, take responsibility and clearly declare: “To Learn, To Listen, To Initiate – TO ACT!”


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