The finalists of the DYTIATKO Festival saw Kharkiv region from a birds eye view

The finalists of the DYTIATKO Festival saw Kharkiv region from a birds eye view

The aviators of V. S. Grizodubova Kharkiv Flying Club conducted an excursion for the finalists of the Х  DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival to the Museum of aeronautical equipment and awarded the winners in the nomination “Our Peaceful Sky” with flights by helicopter Mi-2.

During the visit to the airdrome, the children were shown modern small aircrafts, as well as samples of military equipment — combat aircraft, that was in service within Kharkiv region air force at various times.

During the excursion, those present were told the history of each aircraft, that was at the museum of the flying club, and provided insight into the purpose for which this or that technique was used.

The aviators of the club told how planes were made and what kept them in the air. They also told the story of each flying machine and revealed the secrets that the cabin of pilots conceals.

Also, during the excursion, the finalists of the DYTIATKO Television Festival, who took part in the nomination “Our Peaceful Sky”, the goal of which was to raise awareness of the younger generation in the state of the aviation industry in Ukraine, were rewarded with flights by helicopter Mi-2. At the end of the excursion, the children had an exciting air show.

Aerodrome “Korotych” is a sports aerodrome, located in the Kharkiv region near the village of Novyi Korotych. The aerodrome is designed to accommodate and carry out flights of general aviation, launch and test aircraft models, as well as performing parachute jumps.

The flying club operates aircrafts and helicopters ЯК-18Т, ЯК-52, АН-2, МІ-2, ХАЗ-30, Л-29, СУ-31.

On the territory of the Aerodrome “Korotych” there is a museum of combat aviation in the open air, which includes 9 exhibits, among them – СУ-27, МІГ– 21, МІГ – 23, МІГ-27, СУ-17 aircrafts and MI-1, MI-2 and MI-8 helicopters.


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