The Best Live Action Film by Children’s Studio

The Best Live Action Film by Children’s Studio

«Cucumber unite»

Art school “Cinema”, Belarus

A boy Vanya recieve a task to make an etude with little girl Sonya. A teacher gave him useless name of etude – “Cucumber”. Vanya tries to invent an etude, but Sonya criticize his idea and propose him her help of making etude by her own, which will be declared as Vanya’s etude to “maintain his authority”.

«The only chance»

«MEDI@NNA», Ukraine

A story of girl who has name Barbara. She seeks to change her elder brother Sashka.

Fabio Albanese and pupils of 5th grade class «Attivamente», Scuola Primaria Collegio Vescovile Pio X Treviso, Italy

Viktoria is a 10 years old girl just arrived in Italy. She doesn’t speak Italian. She would like to make friends with new classmates, but little girls make fun of her, make jokes and put her photos on a social network.


Children’s TV Studio «First Step», Crimea

The film in the genre of the movie poetry in the poem by V.Mayakovsky “Nate!”.

«You can hear?»

«All guitars fall into paradise»

«Important orders»

«The Nightmares Are Coming!»

dir. Aurora Joy, USA

A young girl, Emily, is tired and of being bullied by her nightmares, so, one night, she stands up to them.




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