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Best Fiction Film by Children

Best Fiction Film by Children

Paper man

2018, 5′, Croatia

Foto kino video klub Zaprešić

Directors: Matej Tomić, Lara Filipović, Martina Pervan, Klara Šeatović, Hana Tomić, Katarina Ivanković, Antonija Mihalić, Sara Marković, NinoGoran Tsenberger, Marta Crljen

Another strange event in our club. This time, a figure in paper come to life and starts to wrap things in paper.

Murderers Among Us

2019, 2′, Sweden

Directors: Melina Muelling, Linnea Andersson, Basim Saeed, Onur Yilmaz, Meriem Abdu

A normal day at school in heart of Sweden… Until a murderer shows up.

The City That (Never) Sleeps

2019, 7′, Japan, United States

Directors: Marina Ten Have, Natalie Omori-Hoffe

This film is inspired and adapted from a personal story. It provides a step into the shoes of a common experience in not just high school but life: the feeling of falling into an endless cycle and the struggle to find happiness.

The left head

2019, 5′, Belarus

Artschool “Cinema”

Artem and Lera come to the theater Studio to rehearse their scene from the play dedicated to the new year. Artem secretly in love with Lera, and because of this his thoughts soar far from the action of the play, which is why the rehearsal “not glued”. Suddenly Artem is given a chance to express his feelings…

A Mix-Up

2018, 3′, Slovenia

Director: Lara Pavčnik

A girl asks for a boy’s phone number, but then gets a surprise…

The Journey of Story Float

2019, 6′, Taiwan

Director: Yung-Lin Chen

In this film, we designed an Ei-Ga (the story float), and used the roles of a traditional story: Journey to the West to depict a river filled with human-made garbage and that therefore the Ei-Ga were unable to move forward. In the end, with the cooperation of all the people, we cleaned up the garbage at the bottom of the stream, so that the celebration parade could continue.

Lunch Break

2019, 4’, India

Director: Thamanna Sol

The film is done by students studying in seventh standard aged between 12 and 13.

Abandoning the mothership

2019, 9’, Romania

Director: Maria Miruna Solomon

Autobiographical film of two friends.

X Number of Words

2019, 4’, United States

Desoto Art sInstitute

Kadi is picked on for being weird. After an insightful conversation with a librarian, she deepens her understanding of who people really are.


2019, 19′, Spain, Morocco

Director: Aitana Serrallet

When Lucas finds out that Driss, his best friend, has been sent back to Morocco with his uncle, decides to start a crazy adventure and go to look for him in a forbidden trip to the other side of the strait in the opposite direction that the illegal trip it is done.

Mobile passions of Arseny and Nastya

2019, 2′, Ukraine

Сhildren’s TV studio “RAKURS”

A boy takes mobile phone from a girl at a school-yard and throws it away. While fighting with a high school student he loses his mobile phone. The girl finds it and gives it back to her bully. Mutual attraction arises between them.

Magic herring

2018, 7′, Russian Federation

Children’s Film Studio “UNI Gold”

Lesha and Pasha decided to make fun of their friend. They put a bag on his way with herring and telephone on the speakerphone. And talked to him on the phone on behalf of the magic herring. They offered him to fulfill three wishes.

Eternal Sunshine

2019, 7′, Viet Nam

Director: Mai Thi Chu

A girl who finds affection, passion and love in life believes its light makes life more worth-living. When fate decides to take that light from her, she learns that what truly guides her through the darkest nights and brings out her desire for life is the light shining within her own soul.


2018, 10′, Ukraine

Dnipro Region Children and Youth Cinema Center «Vesnianka»

This film tells us that there is a whole world inside a person. Communication of warm-hearted people is the best journey in the world.

I'll give you the sea

2018, 7′, Ukraine

Yellow Bus

A romantic story. This film is about a boy who is trying to earn money by all possible means to fulfill a dream of a girl that he likes. 

Play me, Margo

2018, 8′, Ukraine

Media school «Novy Kadr»

One time Margo did not listen to her mother. She considered herself to be an adult. At the age of 14 she decided to do whatever she wanted, so, after a fight with her mom, Margo ran away from home and found herself in a company of a homeless man.

We just need to work on a motto

2019, 6′, Ukraine

NovaModa Production Center

A wedding is a very important event in every girl’s life, as well as her mom’s life, who is trying to save money on everything and put in her two cents. That’s where the beauty of a wedding probably lies.


2019, 4′, Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Mahdi Alborzi

A boy wakes up late in the morning to go to school. He is nervous. While he is worried and tiring to get dress, his father enters home.

Walk beside me

2019, 4′, Spain

Public School “C.E.I.P. Serrería”

Since we were born, they label us and separate us. But if we go together, it will be easier to choose our own way.


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