The Best Animation Film by Children Studio

The Best Animation Film by Children Studio

In the woods, fields, on water, in the air, local creatures bring fear

Centrum Sztuki Dziecka w Poznaniu, Poland

Film was created during “Animator of Tomorrow” Workshops by children age 7-12.

Про справжнє

Balaclia School №2, Children’s TV Studio «Your ТV-12 +», Ukraine

In my dreams

dir. Veja Vukman, Croatia

In my dreams I’m the hero who saves the village from the monster. I win on a golden dragon, and he turns into a black dragon.

Water Story

Filmsko-kreativni studio VANIMA, Croatia

Beautiful story of the everyday water, it can be very magical…

The Cosmospenguin in Sushiland

dir. Luca Potskhishvili, Austria

The adventures of the Cosmospenguin (which is just on diet) lead him from his home planet Jupiter up to the light years distant, praised Sushiland.

From Shadows to Light

Students of the Animation Workshop of Escola Parque, Brasil

A tribute to ancient scientists and artists who did the first research and investigations on light and optical phenomena.

Get Lost

dir. Matthias Strasser, Switzerland

Get Lost is about a robot, who’s trying to find the way out of the endless sand dune landscape. But then something unexpected happens.

Sociology of animals. Why are we united?

Studio “Animailiki”, Ukraine

A duck named Babylin

Circus from the box

Animarium studio, Uzbekistan

Mr. Grumpledump's Song

Toon Club, India

Mr. Grumpledumps Song’, is a short lipsync animation film created by a team of twelve young child animators.

Animal Abuse

Ecole Mondiale World School, India

A short cut-out animation film based on Animal Rights.

Dragons of Maritten

“Kids as Directors” Project, Taiwan

Cambo is a brave and kind hunter. He sets out on a journey in search for the vanishing “Dragons of Maritten” to get the dragon core to cure his brother’s illness.

Adventures of dreamers

Creative Space, Estonia

Cutout animation. Crazy adventures of dreamers who just want to create and find their right place.


Camera-etc, Belgium

The bear from the totem pole in an Indian village is sick of eating green soup every day. His mind is made up: he goes on a journey to discover other foods…

A positive day

Mult Go, Ukraine


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