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The finalists of the DYTIATKO Festival saw Kharkiv region from a birds eye view

The aviators of V. S. Grizodubova Kharkiv Flying Club conducted an excursion for the finalists of the Х  DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival to the Museum of aeronautical equipment and awarded the winners in the nomination “Our Peaceful Sky” with flights by helicopter Mi-2. During the visit to the airdrome, the children were shown modern small aircrafts, as well…
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OUR PEACEFUL SKY: a new nomination for the Festival “Dytiatko”

The Organizing Committee of the International Children’s TV Festival “Dytiatko” announces the launch of a new festival nomination, “Our Peaceful Sky”, jointly with V. S. Grizodubova Kharkiv Flying Club. The authors of the works, which will be selected in the final part of the festival, will additionally have the opportunity to fly An-2 airplane or…
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