Sergii Chernov: DYTIATKO unites the world

Sergii Chernov: DYTIATKO unites the world

Sergii Chernov, Chairnman of Kharkiv Regional Council, President of the Festival, mentioned high quality of works submitted to the competition and greeted the winners and all participants of the festival during the solemn closing of the X DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival.

“I would like to thank the professional high-ranking jury for the work done; the organizing committee, which accompanied the festival 24/7 and I would also like to express gratitude to Morten Enberg, Head of the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine, for the support of our festival, the CIFEJ team and Volodymyr Diagilev, Director of the festival. Most of all, I am thankful to the participants of the DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival,” Sergii Chernov said during his speech.

He also stressed that he especially respected those who devoted their lives to working with children and creating television studios and groups because the children delve into issues and broaden their reality acceptance when they work on a certain topic. It is expecially important in the modern world which develops and changes every second.    

“I am sure that due to your energy and good will our movement “Dytiatko” will undoubtedly fulfill its mission, which is to spread kindness and unite the world, that’s why our festival has been conducted for ten years”, President of the festival added

Sergii Chernov noted that almost all regions of Ukraine and 90 countries of the world take part in the festival. The children show that you can come to an agreement if you really want to.

“Children and adults, beginners and professionals are united here for the sake of the future. Children learn, adults get inspired by such creative impulse and creativity of thinking. I have no doubt that every participant of the festival has spent these unforgettable days very useful, enjoyed meeting old friends and found a lot of new ones”,  Chairman of the Regional Council said.


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