Jury Team: DYTIATKO Festival is an absolute miracle

Jury Team: DYTIATKO Festival is an absolute miracle

The jury members of the XI DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival and honored guests during the closing ceremony expressed their impressions of the festival.

Miomir Rajcevicdirector, screenwriter, president of the Media Education Center, Serbian Coordinator of the UNESCO-EU project “Building trust in media in South-Eastern Europe and Turkey”, Coordinator of the EU All Digital“It is a great pleasure for me to be here and see how young participants support this festival, watch the good work created by them. Thank you very much for the invitation, I wish the best for all the participants.”

Utah Hartmann — Bethjournalist, critic: “This is my first time in Ukraine and I am very glad that I was able to visit here and take part in this festival.”

Olga Golubeva, director, illustrator: “This is my first time in Ukraine and I am really amazed, I already want to return. Having watched films of many nominations of this festival, I want to tell you, children, that you are very talented. It is thanks to you that this festival take place. I wish you even more victories and never stop, go only forward. I also want to thank the organizers of the festival for making it so wonderful.”

Natalia Morozova, director, producer, screenwriter, president of the KINOSVIT International Children’s Film and Television Festival: “When I first came here for this festival, I was the same kid who wanted to shoot movies. So this time I flew here and thought, how did I get to the jury? It’s kind of a miracle and I don’t want it to ever end. I thank all of you for these happy days. Many thanks to all the organizers, the jury, everyone who helped the festival. Let it last for another 100 years!”

Elham Shirvani, CIFEJ Executive Director: “I am from Iran and I am also in Ukraine for the first time. I am very happy to be here, thankful for the experience I have received, and I thank all who are present and the children who are in this hall.”

Anastasiia Kobets, deputy of Kharkiv Regional Council: “It gives me great pleasure to see so many happy people in the hall. It is very nice that you found the time to visit our city and share some of your creativity. I think that the varied programme that you had during these four days has certainly made you happy. Looking forward to see you here again! And most importantly, never lose the inspiration that you have, because creativity creates this beautiful world around.”

Olena Lytvynenkodeputy chairman of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine: “It is very pleasant for the Council of Europe to be here and support the DYTIATKO Festival! It is not just a tradition for us, it is a whole story filled with interesting moments, acquaintances, forming a new circle of friends, because we have been supporting this festival since 2012. For the Council of Europe, as an organization that promotes democracy throughout the European continent, it is important to support the nomination “Local self-government is us!”. And the fact that we have very serious criteria, it is very difficult to make a choice every year. After all, every year you prove that you can look at complex things with your children’s eyes, understand them and teach us, adults. I wish you every success! The main thing is don’t just stand there, continue to create.”

Volodymyr Khanas, expert of Ternopil Film Commission: “During the festival, we all felt at home, I want to thank all the members of the organizing committee for this.”

Iryna Sakhaltuieva, director of Key Animation Studio: “It is a great honor for me to take part in this fantastic festival with an incredible atmosphere! I spent a few happy days. I want to thank all the teachers of your studios, because your victory is their victory. I also want to wish inexhaustible creative inspiration! “

Dmytro Petrenko, Ph.D., specialist in the history and theory of cinema, photography, art of new media, head of the Department of Theory of Culture and Philosophy of Science of N Karazin Kharkiv National University: “This festival is an absolutely unprecedented miracle. What is happening here is a powerful contribution to the future of our media culture. I am sure that in this hall there are those who will change the world of cinema, television, radio. It is a great honor and joy to be here.”


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