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How not to fail pitching

How not to fail pitching

Tips from Ukrainian director Yurii Kovaliov.

Finalists of the XII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival online plunged into the genre of fictional cinematic world together with Yurii Kovaliov – a talented Director of the first Ukrainian fantasy movie “Watchtower”.

In particular, the Director told about his journey from short video works to full-fledged movies, how exactly the idea to shoot a fantasy movie based on the novel “Watchtower” by Volodymyr Rutkivskyi was born, and also shared with young people his secrets of successful pitching and highlighted the main points to pay attention to.

“Ukraine is going through a difficult, but at the same time extremely interesting and dynamic period in the film industry. We have a huge potential, many talented people – artists, directors, cameramen, actors, composers and significant achievements in the field of film production. And my debut full-length work “Watchtower” confirms this,” Yurii Kovaliov said.

In order to bring your project to life, every director is going through a difficult and responsible moment – the search for a targeted financial partnership for the filming of a movie, and here you need to have experience in successful pitching. Its goal for the director is prove to the expert community that he has the necessary skills and understanding of the entire palette of director’s expressive means.

“The director needs to clearly express his thoughts, be able to attract experts to his team, confidently and enthusiastically describe his ideas and give the impression of a person who understands what she or he wants. And in order to be as convincing as possible in pitching and get money for the project, I use two components: first, rationality, and second, emotionality.”

Also Yurii Kovaliov believes, that the illustration of the film work itself is very important. According to him, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for filming a prototype of an American teaser, but it is necessary to revive your picture, then it will definitely be imprinted in your memory.

“This is exactly what happened with the movie “Watchtower”. We had no money for expensive suits of armor, props, and the like. So we decided to create animatics by reviving the storyboard. As a result, we got a minifilm that briefly told the entire script to the climax, and then the intrigue,” the Director shared.

To everybody who wants to master the directing profession, Yurii Kovaliov advised to watch as many films as possible, get acquainted with the masterpieces of world cinema, as well as view all new films: “Try to treat each picture critically, look for mistakes, shortcomings and identify the most successful scenes. And in General, the highest class of skill to watch a film without sound-at this point, you focus only on how the story develops through the picture”.

For reference: the Ukrainian project “Watchtower” became one of the winners of the fifth competitive selection of State Cinema Committee, having received state financial support in the amount of 18.1 million UAH. The total budget of the film was 40 million hryvnias.

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