Ecology of Wildlife: conservation and preservation

Ecology of Wildlife: conservation and preservation

Life without trash

2019, 5′

Studio «New Wave», TRC «Sigma»

What can people do so that plastic packages do not destroy the beauty of the country, ecology and become a reason for animals’ death? One of the alternatives is to refuse using plastic bags in favor of ecobags. Olya Rud, a character of the program, is certain that it is not difficult to make such bag for your liking with your own hands so that it looks nice and be functional.

2075 or a girl with a cockroach

2019, 4′

Video Workshop “Two Sweet Cherries”

The near future. Ecological catastrophe. A girl with her pet – a cockroach – set off to the mountains looking for a present for her grandmother.

Feldman Ecopark is the cradle of ecosystem of Kharkiv region

2018, 6′

Environmental agitabride “April” of the Grand high school of Krasnograd

Ecological work means, first of all, researches and preservation of flora and fauna of the country.

Butterfly Effect

2019, 7′

Leaders School

Today it is just a wing beat of a butterfly, and tomorrow it is already a terrible tornado. The same thing is going on with ecology on our planet. Just one bottle that has been thrown away today and one more plastic island will be in two years. This is the very butterfly effect.


2019, 15′

Children’s studio of TV presenter «Veselka TV»

A research TV program, the shooting of which has been going on during the whole calendar year. Little characters are keeping a lookout to find answers to the questions which are of interest for them. Why does a strong wind fail to pull a leaf away in summer? But in late autumn a slight leaf waving is enough to do that. Who orders a tree to drop off leaves? It’s high time to find out about a real life of ecosystem!

Take care of the forest for the future

2019, 3′

Scout Organization of Ukraine Plast, center of Kolky

Over last fifty years humanity managed to destroy more than 50% of all forests. Experts warn that if the human attitude towards the forest does not change, in few decades forests will become a rare object.


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