Competitive screenings, 2th Sept.

Competitive screenings, 2th Sept.

Cinema "Kyiv"




2019, 47’

Director: Anna Harutyunyan
The film is about a mischievous girl whom nobody is able to restrain. Perhaps only her grandfather, whom Aniko visits to spend her summer vacations, knows the secret. One day Aniko gets lice and her grandfather takes advantage of it and suggests a proposal – if she doesn’t read some books, he will shave her head, but September 1st was coming soon.

A Boy Called Mon

 2019, 30’

Director: Kim Jinhong
Mon is a preschool boy. He’s told from his father, ‘We’re moving. Pack your mother’s belongings in one box and we’ll throw out the rest.’ Meanwhile, Mon’s yearnings for his mother keeps growing, as he tries her lipstick or carefully collects direct mails still arriving to his mother.


 2019, 20’
United States

 Director: Bruna Cabral
An 8-year-old boy begins to lose his best friend, an elderly lady, as her memories fade way to Alzheimer’s. Determined to help, he embarks on a journey to rekindle the memories of their friendship.



My grandpa is an alien

 2019, 79’

Directors: Drazen Zarkovic, Marina Andree Skop
The life of a little girl named Una turns upside down when her grandfather
is abducted by aliens. In the basement of her house she accidentally finds out that grandpa is himself an alien whose ship fell on the Earth a long time ago.

Dovzhenko cinema




 2019, 3’

Director: Mikhail Il’yenko
The story about one episode in young family life. Film shows an ordinary life situation in which the daughter via an emotional conversation with her dad appears to be wiser and more adult then her parents.


 2019, 15’

 Director: Paulo Silver
In a landfill, a boy watches the big wall of a luxury close сondominium. Gabriel uses his imagination to build your fantasy world.

Hello Africa

 2020, 13’

 Director: Hasan Serin
Esma and Serpil are two little girls who are at the age of eight-nine, living in a village of Bingöl, a province in Eastern Anatolia. Serpil likes to read books and Esma is very much keen on drawing pictures while listening to the stories in the books that Serpil reads to her. They buy the book of Jules Verne “Five Weeks with The Balloon”

A Letter To My Friend In France

 2020, 13’

 Director: Akram El Bezawy
When imagination and freedom of speech are hindered by pre-determined boundaries only a higher power could provide a breakthrough. Rami’s encounter proves this thesis through a simple impulsive free thought.


 2019, 17’

 Director: Keith Gomes
Living in a garbage world, a lonely 5 year old ragpicker, dreams of owning a pair of shoes, but when love happens, he must make a choice.

Under the Skin

 2020, 20’

 Director: Emma Branderhorst
The blue depths of the swimming pool are her home. Keesje is a passionate synchronized swimmer, and the big competition is just around the corner. However, when a fight erupts between the girls during the final rehearsal, everything changes. The subtle nuances between belonging and feeling marginalized begin to surface.

Two Inches Taller

 2020, 13’
Сanada, Serbia

 Director: Stevan Mitrovic
Mila, an eight year old girl has to go to a costume party for her friend’s birthday. Her mom comes home from work to take her shopping for the costume, and in the process they get into a big argument. Angry at Mila, her mom drags her out of the store without buying anything.

Cinema "8 1/2"



Dam Wall

 2019, 94’

Director: Vedanti Chandrakant Dani
Dharan is a story of friendship between a six-year-old urban girl and an eight-year-old rural boy.

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