Best Short Film for Children

Best Short Film for Children

Mother's Day

2018, 11′, Canada

Director: Alexander Desouza

Abner, a lonely 12 year old boy, lives in a quiet neighbourhood with his father. One morning upon befriending Freddie and Nathan, two young brothers who come to Abner’s doorstep seeking his aid in making pancakes, Abner quickly gets plunged into a chaotic and messy journey faced with old memories of his mom and the unexpected pleasures in helping others.

The beautifulest party

2018, 15′, Italy

Director: Hedy Krissane

Amin is a second-generation immigrant kid, lively and friendly. Today is his birthday, and like every child he can’t wait to party with his classmates…

The haunted villa

2018, 7′


Machin Club

Flight of Freedom

2018, 20′, India

Director: Aarti S. Bagdi

An empowering look at Child Sexual Abuse. The film speaks to both children and adults, creating awareness for the former in an empathetic storyline while modelling ideal behaviour amongst parents and other adults in dealing with the issue. At the heart of the film is a universal story of friendship and the rejuvenative powers of speaking up.


2018, 6′, Turkey

Director: Ömer Dişbudak

Muhammed, who loves to draw pictures a lot, is the son of a Syrian refugee family that live in Turkey. In an art lesson, when all of the students draw colorful pictures, Muhammed draws a picture about war just by using a pencil. His classmates get sad to this event and try to improve his picture. They also try to color the life of their refugee friend Muhammed.

9 Steps

2018, 7′, Spain

Directors: Marisa Crespo Abril, Moisés Romera Pérez

The night can be dark and full of horror for small children, especially for Saul who has to cross a long dark corridor to get to the toilet at night. But his father is trying his best to persuade him to cross. Because it is not dangerous and he will stand on one side of the corridor watching the whole time, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Like Playing

2018, 20′, Spain, Peru

Director: Berenice Adrianzén Zegarra

Bruno and Claudio return home after a long day at school. It’s lunchtime and Bruno finds nothing to eat, baffled and prey to the insistence of his brother, tries to convince him to go play and find a treasure. Upon leaving, they meet Carlitos, a neighbor who decides to accompany them on the adventure. The three children collect metals, plastics and cartons that sell at the end of the day to take a bowl of soup.


2018, 12′, Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Iman Soltani

The father gives Arezzo a doll that has one leg. Children mock her. Her father makes a wooden leg for his daughter’s doll.

10 ka 4

2018, 10′, India

Director: Rahul Yadav

The film revolves around the character of a 7year old girl who is trying to make a living for her family by selling stationary outside a high class English medium school.

Three August Days

2018, 20′, Estonia

Director: Madli Lääne

In the midst of the political upheaval of the early 1990s, an Estonian girl and a Russian boy reach across cultural lines to unite over a shared bottle of American soda.


2018, 12′, Spain

Director: Kike Arroyo

Noel turns 8 years old and his birthday goes along with a dress-up play organized by his teacher at the school. He thinks that dressing as his favorite character could help to find a friend who shares his same hobby.

RANAM - Looking For Land

2018, 24′, Indonesia

Director: David Richard

Mlintang is a persistent child who likes to play football with his peers, and has the dream of becoming a professional soccer player. But this has not been done, because of limited natural conditions in the village which are far from the mainland, so there is no field to play. The difficulty of finding land, is a challenge for Mlintang and friends.

80 Plus

2018, 11′, Uganda

Directors: Lucky Lora Atwiine, Mugume Davidson

А breathe taking story that explores education and family legacy through the eyes of young Johnson who has to please his tyrant over bearing father with the best grades in class.


2019, 30′, Kazakhstan

Director: Ramazan Khaliolla

Asset, who had learned how to play the tune, would have preferred to play in the field, accompanied by his vicious friends. But when he learned that Aigerim was coming to the concert, he decided to turn all his effort into it. However, it was not easy to Asset, having vicious friends and broken dombyra.


2018, 15′, Singapore

Director: Gina Tan

Have you ever bought a mechanical pencil with a missing eraser? Wenxin spots her best friend Joanne stealing an eraser from a mechanical pencil at the bookshop. She faces the impossible dilemma of choosing between friendship and her moral principles.

Have You Seen Buster?

2019, 6′, United Kingdom

Director: Emmanuel Li

12-year-old Jacob embarks on a search for missing dog Buster, encountering the various wacky townsfolk of Walthamstow Village.

Perfomance issue

2018, 15′, Russian Federation

Director: Vlada Vasilyeva

Little boy Seva for a first time in his life faces an unknown world of film making. World of competition with another child actors , where performance is more important than boy’s feelings.

Little Achilles

2019, 29′, Germany

Director: Sebastian Jansen

Ten-year-old Alex gets his bike stolen by the well-known bully Georg. Alex’s father tries to calm his son’s furiosity about this theft by telling him an epic bedtime story: the story of the Siege of Troy and the Greek hero Achilles. Alex imagines his friends and himself to be part of the story and thus experiences the rise and fall of the great Achilles vividly.


2019, 7′, Colombia

Director: Alfonso Acosta

Daniel, sweet and gentle, follows the remote instructions of his mother to cope with the difficult situation of his temporary absence for work reasons. Moved by boredom, loneliness and the pressure of his friends, Daniel disobeys and ventures to the dangers of unknown streets where he will find support in his new four-legged friend.

Perfect Solo

2019, 20′, China

Director: Ru Jixiao

There is going to be a cello competition in the town, Li Xiang, a senior school student from a poor family, was recommended to join in. Learning cello is luxury to Li Xiang, he can only use school’s cello to practice with Mr Zou’s help. He felt this competition is a god-given chance to prove himself, and he the first time took the cello back home for better practice. Unexpectedly, his father used the cello to pay off the family’s debt.


2018, 19′, Brasil

Director: Karinna De Simone

The story of Sophia, a 13 year old girl whose dream is to represent her school in the National Robotics Competition. When the school closes and she and her teammates are left with no time, Sophia decides to risk everything in order to reach her dream.


2018, 22′, France

Director: Sophie Martin

Jully, a 14 years old teenager girl with a sturdy character and captain of her city’s basketball team, is struck by the tragic car accident of her parents. Overnight, she is placed in a foster care with her little sister Charlie. Jully prefers to hide the truth from her friends, and she is going to learn how to integrate herself and overcome her anger and sadness.

Jordan’s Letter

2019, 5′, China

Director: Yichao Fu

Da Zhuang is a middle-aged man.He is dying and looking through his past letters reminiscing about the past. A Michael Jordan birthday card sends him back to the afternoon of his ninth birthday.

Finding Shakespeare

2018, 17′, United Kingdom

Director: Margaret McGoldrick

Maeve, a thirteen year old student whose teacher, Miss Hayes, is determined that she and her class understand the triumph of literature that became William Shakespeare, urging them to look beyond the aged dialogue and see at the heart of each Shakespearian sonnet and play is a story than transcends the time it was born to.

The Heirloom

2018, 23′, Indonesia

Director: Tri Nugroho

It tells about Nuha, a fifth grade elementary school girl who wants to be a flag hoisting troop officer when she grows up. Got the idea to try training with his grandfather’s favorite flag, Nuha and her two friends immediately took the flag to the field. Unintentionally, one of her friends made the flag torn without wanting to be responsible.


2018, 22′, Republic of Korea

Director: KIM Seul-ki

Ung-bi, who is a child actor, is worried that she might not get the role because she can’t cry. She tries hard to cry.


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