Best Radio Programme by a Children Studio

Best Radio Programme by a Children Studio

From the word "JOY"

2018, 15′, Ukraine

Daryna Gluhenko, Idea Creative Association

The history of radio broadcasting in the city of Smela. Interesting stories and importance of radio in the life of different generations of radio listeners.

How to overcome fear

2019, 4′, Ukraine

Children’s studio «Focus»

In this radio program they tell how one can overcome the fear.

Make a dream come true!

2019, 10′, Ukraine

Studio TV and Radio «Zmina»

What is happiness and what prevents a person from feeling happy? Philosophers have been thinking over this subject in the old days. Various expressions have appeared in the literature upon that! What is the view of modern youth to happiness?

Beloved Kharkov is dedicated

2018, 22′, Ukraine

Сhildren’s television studio “OUR WORLD”


2019, 5′, Ukraine

Children’s Information Agency «Wings»

Meeting with Nina Matviienko – a legend of Ukrainian song.


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