Best Feature Film for Children

Best Feature Film for Children


2018, 97′, Germany

Director: Hanno Olderdissen

Wendy, an expert young rider who has fought her way back from an injury, is working at a beautiful old stable called Rosenborg, where she is able to be with her beloved horse Dixie every day. But when Wendy realizes she must save Rosenborg from bankruptcy by winning the prize money at a nearby tournament, she must ride a new horse, Penny. Will her friendship with Dixie survive and will the stable be saved?


2018, 90′, India

Director: Priya Ramasubban

To chase her dream of going to school, a feisty paraplegic girl rebels against the traditions of her family members and other elders in her remote Himalayan village. 9-year-old Chuskit has spirit and determination that are infectious, but in a village that is paved only by rough stones, a school that can only be reached by a river crossing, and a family with little money, how can her dreams ever come true?

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

2018, 105′, Germany

Director: Dennis Gansel

Based on the bestselling novel by Michael Ende, this epic fantasy adventure follows a young orphan boy JIM BUTTON, his best friend LUKE and a magical steam engine called EMMA as they travel across the world in search of the truth about where Jim came from. Battling pirates and dragons, outsmarting make-believe giants, they must travel through the Forest of a Thousand Wonders, beyond the End of the World to find the hidden Dragon City.


2018, 79′, Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Amir Mashhadi Abbas

Ten-year-old Gholamreza, who lives in a village in northern Iran, needs a bicycle to win a bicycle race and pay off his father´s debt. To get money for the new bicycle, he notices a prize for teaching an illiterate person how to read and write, but there aren´t any illiterate people in the village except a 90-year-old bad tempered woman who does not want to learn anything.


2019, 90′, India

Director: Vikas Khanna

The Last Color is a story of promises kept and promises broken, a friendship that knows no bounds, and the freedom and victory of the human spirit.

Childhood times

2018, 107′, Russian Federation

Master Studio

The film plot tells us aboutan incredible time travel. It happens in Yekaterinburg and its regionevery time. It all starts 500 years A.D.  This film is about an importance of each era, value of life and the joy of childhood at any time.

The Bobot

2018, 100′, Ukraine

Director: Max Ksjonda

12-year old dreamer Vlad likes telling fantastic stories about his courage to his summer camp friends, although he is a bit of a coward himself. But one day Vlad finds himself in a real adventure as he accidentally gets caught in a conflict between two alien forces.

Phantom Owl Forest

2018, 90′, Estonia

Director: Anu Aun

Whole family adventure film follows a 10-year-old city girl Eia, whose Christmas holiday is taking an unexpected turn, after being brought to mysterious farm in rural South-Estonia. She follows her heart to rescue an old primeval forest, helps two lovers to find each other, and is destined to unwrap her family’s well-kept secret.

The Wayang Kids

2018, 87′, Singapore

Director: Raymond Tan

A feel-good comedy about a boy named Open who has autism. Open is good at drawing and dreams about taking part in a performance. A girl called Baoer discovers Open’s dream and, together with the classmates, they help Open fulfill his dream. This is a film about accepting others for who they are, depicting human differences.


2018, 93′, Germany, Luxembourg

Director: Markus Dietrich

12-year-old Sue has physical contact with a secret serum her mother has developed for the good of humankind – and suddenly she is able to make herself invisible. Teaming up with her two friends, as well as the precocious A.I. (artificial intelligence) Alfred, Sue has to undergo lots of dangerous adventures with her new superhero powers so as to free her mother and ultimately prove herself on her own abilities as a superhero.

Gamer rules

2018, 99′, Belarus

Director: Igor Chetverikov

Three friends – Dimka, Yurka and Genka, who used to spend their time at the computer and dreamed of winning a cybersport tournament, had to postpone their favorite business for a while. Everything changed when they accidentally found some objects in the dungeon of the old temple that prompted the guys to search for the solution of the old secret. The guys have to rally, go through hard trials, test friendship and fidelity for strength.

Super Furball

2018, 90′, Finland

Director: Joona Tena

Emilia is a child of divorce from Helsinki. She goes to school, lives with her Mom and sometimes her Dad, and her life couldn’t be more ordinary. But one day, Emilia’s pet guinea pig bites her finger, giving her the secret ability to transform into a furry superhero, who can fly and solve problems. Meanwhile the herrings in the nearby Baltic Sea bay are screaming for help, because their water has been poisoned.

11 children from Morshyn

2019, 85′, Ukraine

Solar Media Entertainment

Director: Arkadiy Nepytaliuk

Everyone knows that Morshyn was founded at the place where a meteorite fell, which is rich in a rare metal – osmium. Hoping to make easy money, worker Snizhana decides to fool everyone and get her hands on a valuable object. This alone wouldn’t be a problem, if only 11 kids from Morshyn didn’t appear on her way. Having joined together for one mutual goal, they start a fight with injustice.

Hot bread

2018, 87′, Uzbekistan

Director: Umid Khamdamov

The film explains the complex experiences of teenage girl Zulfiya. It reveals the complicated relationship of a girl, a bride and a grandmother. Her mother has to work in the city, and Zulfiya lives in the village with her grandmother. The girl wants to go to the city, to be closer to her mother.

Circus Noel

2019, 89′, Netherlands

Director: Dennis Bots

Caz runs away from home because her parents are arguing all the time and want to get divorced. She joins her circus friends Victor and Tony from Circus Noel on their way to Cultura Nova, an important circus festival which they have unexpectedly been invited to take part in. When strange things start to happen on the road, it looks like they may never make it to the festival. Will they succeed in saving the circus and friendship?


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