Best Animation Film for Children

Best Animation Film for Children

Good Night

2018, 7′, Japan

Director: Makiko Nanke

For these twin boys, a little sibling rivalry is an everyday occurrence. And no matter how minor the infraction, as far as they’re concerned, each quibble is like an act of war. It’s easy to imagine that for them, every single day is as thrilling as an action movie, playing out in their heads.

Heart of the forest

2018, 6′


Director: Jill Goritschnig

A little girl and her cat want to find out where a deer sleeps in the forest.

The Incomplete

2018, 7′, Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Erfan Parsapour

An animated short about a hungry Otter who is obsessed with perfection. His desire to live in a perfect world may cost him the chance for happiness in the real world.

Magic Play

2018, 4′, United States

Director: Natasha Cánepa

A shy boy wizard-in-training is forced into a play date with a witch girl who is unpredictable with her magic.


2018, 7′, Germany

Director: Antje Heyn

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But the place is not as expected. Not even the spot on the towel is as safe as he thought …

Playmobil Generation

2018, 8′, Belgium

Director: Thomas Leclercq

A young boy loses his brand new toy in the bush of the playground. He would like to get it back but his friends warn him : no one ever came back from there.


2018, 4′, Canada

Director: Daniela Monzon Leotaud

А love letter to Venezuela told by a giant child.

The Chronicles of Guardian Lions

2018, 6′, Malaysia

Director: Lee Chi Cong

A family of stone guardian lions that placed in front of door become alive at night. Papa lion and Mama lion want to teach their child how to protect the house. At the same time, someone is lurking around, waiting for a chance to strike them.


2018, 6′ United States

Director: Christina Farman

An overweight corgi can’t bring his owner the morning newspaper so he turns to aerobics as a last ditch effort.

New Year's wish

2018, 5′, Estonia

Director: Marina Suhorutsenkova

Before the New Year holiday, the girl makes wishes. During the salute her dog runs away, the girl is looking for a dog, and having found, she understands that the most important thing is her desire to be with her dear friend – her dog.


2018, 5′, South Africa

Director: Chris Bonani

South Africa is a country brimming with exciting stories, just waiting to be told.


2018, 60′, Kazakhstan

Director: Aday Abilda

The great Turkic state, united bythree tribes, comes under threat of disintegration. The great Kagan Elteris, maintaining the unity of the Turkic peoples, dies at the hands of traitors. His son and successor to the throne, the 12-year-old Kultegin, is doomed to undergo many trials.

A Chick's Adventure

2018, 3′, France, Italy

Directors: Christoph Brehme, Loïc Bruyère

Mother hen watches excitedly as her 3 eggs hatch. But one of them has trouble freeing herself and bounces into an unusual adventure.

The Stained Club

2018, 7′, France

Directors: Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier

Finn has stains on his skin. One day, he meets a group of cool kids with different stains on their bodies.

My Body

2018, 2′, France

Directors: Sandralee Zinzen, Nicolas Nivesse

A teenage girl is staring at herself in a mirror. She doesn’t like what she sees; fat, skinny, ugly, she looks like a monster. Maybe she should just take a step back.

Like and Follow

2019, 2′, Canada, Germany, Japan

Directors: Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest

When a kid starts spending time in the real world, it’s up to his smartphone to bring his attention back to where it belongs.

I am a carrot

2019, 2′, France

Director: Chien-Ju Hung

But Dad says I’m not a carrot.

The Adventures Of Felix

2018, 10′, Spain

Director: Ricardo Ramón

Felix wants to have all the animals close to him, be able to play with them, become friends, take care of them and feed them. At the age of eight years old, he tries to catch the animals of the fig near home, and manages to capture a robin. However, after locking it inside a cage, he finds out that something is going wrong.


2019, 4′, Philippines, United States

Director: Hillary “Hilly” Chua

А little tale about an interesting creature called the Tarsier. These small primates can be found in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia and is usually known for their big bulgy eyes.

The Angel in the Clock

2018, 90′, Mexico

Director: Miguel Angel Uriegas Flores

The film tells the story about Amelia, a girl with leukaemia that wants to stop time. As she attempts to do so, she meets Malachi, an angel that lives inside her cuckoo clock. Malachi would take Amelia to the Fields of Time, a fantastic world where hundreds of clock-castles soar the sky, guarding human time on earth. In this world, Amelia would learn to appreciate the importance of “Here” and “Now”..

Hedgehog in Africa

2019, 4′, Ukraine

Directors: Oksana Karpus, Alexander Sparinsky

Musical adventures cartoon for the youngest. Film is created in various techniques: dolls, painted, and stop motion animations.


2019, 6′, United States

Director: Suzie Kang

A dissatisfied artist discovers his magical powers in capturing the beauty he sees in nature.

My best friend

2018, 4′, Spain

Director: Myriam Ballesteros

Carola, a gifted but awkward teen, decides to build a robot friend. But an accident means she ends up with Annie, a sparky and affectionate android who makes sure Carola has the craziest and most fun-filled birthday of her life.

Gallery Experience

2019, 4′, China, United States

Director: Jinghan Tian

The girl had a magical experience by visiting the gallery with her dad for the first time.

Spring is here

2019, 1′, Ukraine

Director: Sofiшa Kopach

Еverything will be okay like spring comes after winter.


2018, 4′, Germany

Director: Julia Ocker

The little giraffe wants to have some leaves from the trees. But it can‘t reach them and the big ones won‘t share any of it.

Belka and Strelka. Mysteries of Cosmos: Moonquake

2018, 6′, Russian Federation

Director: Andrey Rubetskoy

Series «Belka and Strelka. Mysteries of Cosmos» is about a space station hosting heroic animals from Russia and USA (animals presented as space station crew). Together they analyze different things happening in space or on moon, and get out of tricky situations.


2019, 4′, Spain

Director: Rodrigo Canet

Rufina is ready to spend a field day, surrounded by peace and pleasant nature, will it be as simple as it seems?


2018, 13′, Denmark

Director: Karla Nor Holmbäck

Holly is bored at Grandpa’s. She wants to go exploring, but Grandpa says there is nothing left to explore. Holly is sure there must be something. At night Holly sees a luminous rock traveling across the sky, landing on the other side of the island. Along with Turtie the turtle Holly goes on a magical exploration to find the luminous rock.

Beyond the black

2019, 10′, Islamic Republic of Iran

Directors: Saeid Sodagar, Sepideh Eidi

It starts with a black crow who love golden things and who stole a ring.

Once upon a time there was a princess

2019, 3′, Ukraine


Сartoon from the series “Daddy’s Tales”.

Miles Away

2018, 4′, Switzerland

Director: Barbara Brunner

Miles is a little boy whose best friend is a tree. Together they venture on a roadtrip and enjoy a perfect Summer day at the funfair. А movie for kids with simple message: You’ll never be lonely or bored as long as you let your imagination lead the way.

Polar Opposites

2018, 4′, Brazil

Director: Diana Wey

Edmund is a grumpy penguin who wants to be by himself on a little iceberg. He escapes his colony and shoos seagulls away in his pursuit of peace and quiet, but when he comes back to his iceberg after going fishing, he is shocked to find a polar bear, Otto, sitting there.


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