Actor has always to be ready for transformation

Actor has always to be ready for transformation

Natalia Morozova, the director from Belarus, held a workshop on acting for the participants of the DYTIATKO Festival, which takes place in Kharkiv.

According to her, the actor must always be ready for transformation and be in character for the role. Therefore, the master class was mainly aimed at the development of imagination, plasticity of movements and warming articulation apparatus.

Another topic was devoted to finding yourself, your place in life. Closing their eyes, the children immersed into themselves to find answers to questions asked by Natalia: “Who am I? What am I like around my friends? What am I like when I’m doing something that I enjoy?” and so on and so forth.

In general, according to the director: “The secret of a happy actor, and a person is to be in harmony with themselves.”

It was an interactive workshop. By doing practical tasks, the children got to know one another and mastered the basics of the art of transformation. For example, they were looking for convincing expressions of different emotions, because the actor’s task is to get in character and not to play.

The presentation of the sketches by the participants, which they presented in groups for the given music, was the culmination of the event.

Lastly, Natalia Morozova stressed: “Actors must be unique. That’s what the directors appreciate them for”.


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