12 bright ideas were included in the long-list of scenario pitching

12 bright ideas were included in the long-list of scenario pitching

Every autumn pitching for children’s studios and young authors in two categories: “Film” and “TV program” has taken place in Kharkiv for a number of years. Pitching traditionally is held on the third day of the International Children’s TV Festival “Dytiatko”.

Sci-fi and adventure films, comedies and dramas, scientific, educational and entertaining programs represent only a small proportion of what is proposed by young scriptwriters and directors for implementation. Interesting stories about school life, family relationships, virtual world and computer games – these and other topics can be realized on the screen in the very near future.

In 2018, 12 applications were selected for the expanded list, including 9 of them are in “Film” nomination and 3 applications are in “TV program” nomination.

“Film” nomination:

  1. There is a solution!“. Children’s Studio of Cinema, Animation and Media Art “Red Dog”
  2. The bright adventures of Luxik and Rusik“. Authors: Kuzhdin Vitalii and Kuzhdina Olha
  3. Show of a balloon“. Author: Kuzhdina Olha
  4. Five minutes“. Author: Bochkarova Daryna
  5. Vacations Offline“. Initiative group “MEDI@NNA”
  6. Older brother“. Cinematography school “Star Start”
  7. My foster grandmother“. Studio of authorial programs “Mayak”
  8. Song“. Author: Elina Feldman
  9. Brothers“. The First Kherson Cinematography school

“TV program” nomination:

  1. Educational and entertaining program “The hard kids“. Children’s TV-school “Television”
  2. Scientific program for preschoolers “Provseznaika”. Media group “Skrepka”
  3. 3. “Why is it so?“. Author – Alina Lutsiv

The participants should send full versions of the scripts till July 10. The projects selected to the shortlist will be announced on August 01, 2018.

X International Children’s TV Festival “Dytiatko” will be held from September 05 to 08.


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