6 - 9 September 2017


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Participants of Television Festival “Dytiatko” took secrets of successful pitching from Andrii Zazharskyi

Master classes at IX International Television Festival “Dytiatko” are going on.  Today the young TV workers and film makers has started their day by meeting with producer Andrii Zazharskyi who helped them highlight main directions of creative drive which can lead the festival participants to success. In the beginning of their speech Andrii told about his own experience of making video clips for modern music bands, such as “Potap i Nastya”, “Chas i sklo”, “VV”, “Druha rika”. After that he emphasized that any video clip is a short film, because musical clips also require deep analysis of the idea, so that the result could be interesting and its visual part could be in accord with the song to the uttermost.


 Andrii Zazharskyi also stated: “In order to open up a story in a video clip or a film to the fullest, it is necessary to experience first-hand what is going on in it”.

“Any idea requires implementation. If it comes to making a TV program or a film, it is necessary to find sufficient financing. So, you should worthily present your unique idea to the very person who is ready to invest his/her money into your project. Description of the project idea, synopsis, should not contain one page, be a laconic and clear. In an ideal scenario, the idea must be expressed by one sentence,” – such advice was given by Andrii to the festival participants.

The successful producer also emphasized that author’s background and his filmography plays a decisive role in project financing: “There will be no financing to people who did not make any film. You are on the right track as you take part in festivals – it is very important because it only supplements your authority”.

“Make as many films as possible, as the quantity of film footage of all others will result in actually quality works. The more projects you make, the stronger you develop, see your own mistake and understand how to avoid them in future. Start with short-length films, make it with quality and uniqueness – it will lead you to sponsors who will bring an opportunity to make a long-length film,” – Andrii summed up his speech in such a way.