6 - 9 September 2017


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Participants of the festival “Dytiatko” tried different roles and images at the master class of Nataliya Morozova, a stage director from Belarus

Nataliya Morozova, a stage director from Belarus, gave a master class in acting technique and stage direction for the participants of the television festival “Dytiatko”.  Nataliya Morozova said, “I have dreamt to be a stage director since childhood, and I could realize my dream already at the age of 13. Today I represent a European festival “Kinosvit” (Cinema world). I like to work with children very much. We are going to set up a new project “Kinolider” soon. (Cinema leader). We will teach how to create kind movies. I encourage and invite you for that.”


Children did exercises along with the stage director to warm up their bodies and speech apparatus. After that there were unexpected transformations. They imagined themselves to be a kernel growing into a flower; rain in the streets, mess; a lazy fly; an angel; rainstorm; winter, circus, a merry fiddler; a dream.

During this master class children imagined to be in the circumstances suggested by Nataliya: in the forest, in the desert, in space, at school, at the horror movie.  They also performed different scene studies.

The stage director stated, “Actors must be original. Stage directors value them just for this quality”.