6 - 9 September 2017


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Sannette Naeye: We are responsible not only for recognition of children's talent, we should also influence it via digital media

Sannette Naeye, the head of the jury of the international organization CIFEJ (International Center of Films for Children and Young People), director of the film festival “Cinekid” (the Netherlands) has expressed her thoughts on the television festival “Dytiatko” and her own point of view regarding children television during press-conference of the jury members of “Dytiatko”.

“I arrived yesterday so my impressions are rather fresh. Being the director and the head of the children film festival, I would like to announce that this festival is great because its main purpose is to contribute to the development of the children creativity.


Nowadays children are greatly influenced by mass-media. Living in the digital world, they are constantly interacting. This has changed our tasks. We are responsible not only for recognizing talents of the children. Nowadays we should influence it via digital media because all children involved in the creative process are also involved in the media one”, Sannette Naeye, jury member of the television festival “Dytiatko” says.

“In my opinion, mission of the festival “Dytiatko” is very up-to-date. I’m talking not only about children but also about the contribution to the culture that they can make.

For example, there are many young YouTubers in the Netherland who have their YouTube channels and are often more popular than elder YouTubers.

I do not know how the things stand in Ukraine but I hope that the situation will change soon if they are not on this level.

Children influence on culture, other children, their peers should not be underestimated because they have unique reaction to what is happening in the world. Children have their own values. They perceive everything at the emotional level. When children go online they also have special influence on the events and they should know that they influence the situation.

First and foremost, when we are talking about master-classes we are talking about technical skills which are developed by children, they are also very important but we put emphasis on the fact that children tell certain stories. These stories create their own reality, influence the events”, she mentioned.