6 - 9 September 2017


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Andrii Kulykov: “Dytiatko” is ahead of its time in media tendencies

Such thought has been expressed by media expert Andrii Kulykov, the Head of the jury of the VIII International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko”. Today press-conference of Sergii Chernov, the Head of the organization committee of the festival “Dytiatko” and members of the jury was held in the press center of the news agency “Status Quo”.

Andrii Kulykov accentuated that radio nomination at the television festival “Dytiatko” made first appearance two years ago. It is extremely difficult to find this nomination at similar events. For example, such nomination made first appearance at one of the biggest media events “KIEV MEDIA WEEK” only this year.


“The most valuable gift from the television festival “Dytiatko” is learning. Children communicate with high-level specialists, program becomes more diverse and interesting from festival to festival,” Andrii Kulykov thinks.

Commenting on the possibility of the creation of television channel “Dytiatko”, Andrii Kulykov mentioned that there was no need for it. Considering that the number of television channels in Ukraine grows but their quality stays the same. Therefore, cooperation among the festival and current television channels will be more efficient.

As for the children film language in the competition works, the Head of the jury of “Dytiatko” said that the most valuable samples are those where children act spontaneously in their sayings and reactions and do not try to copy adult habits and their cliché.