6 - 9 September 2017


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Mitsuo Tahira: Talk about dreams and they will surely come true

Mitsuo Tahira, director of KINEKO, the International Children Television Festival in Japan, addressed participants of the VIII festival “Dytiatko” on the topic of dreams and their meaning in life of every person.

Sharing his own experience with children and talking about the development of the children television festival in Japan, Mitsuo Tahira mentioned that the first ten years of KINEKO were full of difficulties but nowadays children from all over the world take part in it and gladly send in their works.


“That is why you should never quit and follow your dreams. They will definitely come true,” the author summed up meet-the-artist event.

He also gave children 3 tips which will become a key to the implementation of the fondest dream:

• tell friends about your dreams because once they may help you implement them;

• do not feel sorry for yourself and never give up;

• tell three different people about your dream daily.

Mitsuo Tahira confessed that KINEKO, which was held this year for the 25th time, became successful because its director consistently followed the tips mentioned above.

So during the creative event children were sharing their dreams and telling each other about their biggest dream: to become a journalist, an actor or to get a dog.