6 - 9 September 2017


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Competitive program: Nomination 'The Best Television Program by Children's Studio'

It was selected 11 programs


Competitive program: Nomination 'The Best Documentary by Children's Studio'

It was selected 5 films


Competitive program: Nomination 'The Best Live Action Film by Children's Studio'

It was selected 9 films


Natalia Guzeeva: Animation lesson should be compulsory just like Physical Education lesson

If it was up to me I would introduce animation lesson in every school at least for six months or a year just like a compulsory Physical Education lesson. Sport develops body, animation creates an individual. What does a child face while creating a one-minute film? A child faces creation of a whole world where a story takes place, analysis of its world and story. Isn’t it a Literature lesson? A child devises characters, their appearance, motivation, moods. It is, in its own, a Psychology lesson. A child CONTEMPLATES, reflects!


Release in Ukraine and a step to Cannes

Participation in the children's television festival “Dytiatko” gives rise to future creative implementation of many young talents. A young director from Kyiv which is preparing to conquer the world famous festival felt something similar.


First of all, festival is a cultural exchange that helps people and children enrich themselves spiritually, understand different worldview

Students from the Center for Creative Development “Art Holst”(“Art Canvas”) started working at the feature film-sketch about Kharkiv, the achievements of its citizens that is called “Natkhnennyi Kosmosom” (“Inspired by space”). Will they have time to take part in the seventh “Dytiatko”? It depends on how soon they will be able to finish work on the film. Now adults are looking for financial support to implement youth ideas.


The winners of the VI International children's television festival "Dytiatko"

The Best Live Action Film by Children's Studio


"Stolen goal", 2013

Children's TV Studio "First step" (Ukraine), Studio "Clip Club" (Switzerland)

The Best Documentary by Children's Studio


"The war was the day before yesterday", 2013

The center for creative development "Art Canvas" (Ukraine)

The Best Television Program by Children's Studio


"An Umbrella", 2014

Children's TV Studio "Dream" (Ukraine)

The Best News Program by Children's Studio


"SGT News", 2013

Studio "SGT TV" (Ukraine)

The Best Animated Cartoon by Children's Studio


"Shchedryk", 2013

Creative Association "Solar circle" (Ukraine)

The Best Radio Program by Children's Studio


"It all starts with Mother", 2014

The circle "School radio host" (Ukraine)

The Best Television Program for Children


"Elements. Space. Human", 2014

Production Studio "Pink glasses" (Ukraine)

The Best Children's Film


"In the coat’s pocket", 2014

Director: Marco Di Gerlando (Italy)

We Are Local Self-Government


"Self-government day in School of Humanitarian Work", 2013

Studio "SGT TV" (Ukraine)

Special jury prize


" I’ve just had a dream", 2013

Director: Javi Navarro (Spain)

The Best Director Work


Petre Tomadze (Georgia)

"Freedom", 2014

The Best Camera Work


"Message in a Bottle", 2013


The Best Television Journalist


"Peace", 2014

Children's TV Studio "First step" (Ukraine)

The Best Actor


HazimHosam (Egypt)

"3 Candles", 2013

The Best Actor


Anatol Sassi (Italy)

" Isaac", 2013

Diploma for sound solution


"Echoes of the Soul", 2014

Studio sand animation "First Ray" (Ukraine)

Diploma for humanism


"Red Dream", 2014

Director: Shahriar Pourseyedian (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Diploma of visual solution


"Because of Mum", 2013

Director: Antoaneta Chetrafilova (Bulgaria)

Prize  of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine


"The right to live", 2014

Studio children's cartoon "Maya" (Ukraine)

Prize  of Lomonosov Moscow State University


"The man who saw the world", 2014

School film studio "Golden frame" (Russia)

Prize  of Lomonosov Moscow State University


"Get to know everything", 2014

Children's TV Studio "Get to know everything" (Ukraine)

Cash prize at the International Children's Television Festival "Dytiatko" (UAH 3 000) to assist in the implementation of the projects presented at the screenplay pitching


the project "Our friendly class" Film school "Superstar" (Ukraine)

Cash prize at the International Children's Television Festival "Dytiatko" (UAH 1 500) to assist in the implementation of the projects presented at the screenplay pitching


the project "Urban trails" Children's news agency "Positive" (Ukraine)


Lidiia Sergiienko, one of the first announcers of Kharkiv Television, who has been the face of the channel for a long time, talked today with pupils of the studios, which were interested in the secrets of her mastery.
After graduating from theatrical institute, Lidiia Sergiienko dreamed of an acting career. Instead, she became a radio announcer. And, as she admits, it was not disappointing. The point is that she managed to realize her potential in information, literary and dramatic speech.


The process of creating animation allows for all-round development

Kiev animators from “Krok” Studios told about the most interesting thing for kids, creating animated cartoons, during a master class at “Dytyatko” TV festival in Kharkiv.  
Creating animated cartoons is a thorough work requiring patience and persistence, as every second of an animated film has to accommodate 24 frames, almost identical, but every one of them has to be in a different phase of movement. This allows to create characters’ realistic and continuous movements.



Today in the course of the VIth International Children's Television Festival "Dytiatko" workshops for children of Kharkiv TV studios were held in the press center of Council House. Dmytro Konovalov told about the peculiarities of a documentary film creation.
"Any event can initiate a documentary film - says Dmytro Konovalov. It is very important for the structure of the documentary to hold the viewer from the beginning to the end. Not less important is a contact with the person who is the hero of the film. It is also essential for the director to give an exact task to the operator, and for this purpose directors quite often try to make films themselves in order to fully understand the specifics of the process, "- told Dmytro Konovalov.