Winners of the XIII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival

Winners of the XIII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival

The Best Fiction Film by a Children’s Studio

7 Beautiful Hours, dir. Farhanoor Imtiaz Turjjo, Bangladesh

The Best Social Advertisement by a Children’s Studio

Learn a few phrases in sign language…

Media for Children Studio, Artmodels Creative Territory, Ukraine

The Best Documentary by a Children’s Studio

ISLAMANTA, Students from Adventista Sancayuni – Amantani, Puno, Peru

The Best Animation Film by a Children’s Studio

Lyrical walk through the city

Animation studio “Animals”, Ukraine

The Best Television Programme by a Children’s Studio

Mandry Voila

Children’s Internet TV “Voila”, Ukraine

The Best Feature Film for Children

Ocean behind the Window, dir. Babak Nabizazadeh, Iran


JACKIE & OOPJEN, dir. Annemarie van de Mond, The Netherlands

The Best Short Film for Children

Leo, dir. Moein Rooholamini, Iran

The Best Animation Film for Children

Urban Oasis, dir. Herve Bressaud, France

The Best Series for Children

Detention Adventure (Season 2), dir. Joe Kicar, Canada

The Best Television Programme for Children

Master class. Kapitoshka

Children’s Internet TV “Voila”, Ukraine

Ecology of Wildlife: conservation and preservation


Donetsk Regional Center for Technical Creativity of Children and Youth, Ukraine

We are Local Self-Government!

Self-government is us

Children’s Internet TV “Voila”, Ukraine

Our peaceful sky

“Ukraine is us.” We are all different, but one!

Alex.Yurkoff studio, Ukraine

Contest of video bloggers «DYTIATKO.Like»

Matsyk Authentic Cuisine Festival

Margaryta Kovtunets, Ukraine

Together we are a force!

Memory is alive

Alex.Yurkoff studio, Ukraine

SPECIAL PRIZE – “Estate of Valevsky (Lenkevich)”,

Media school for children and teenagers, Ukraine

Special Jury Prize

Explaining my depression to my mom

AIDA Media Studio, Ukraine

Your Galaxy is not the only one

Multi Kids Art Animation Studio, Ukraine

Children’s animation studio “First Step”, Crimea

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