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Understand the philosophy of cinema

Understand the philosophy of cinema

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The finalists of the XI DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival had an opportunity to visit author’s lectures “Theory of Image. The emergence of the first civilizations” and “Philosophy and cinema. Philosophers watch the Matrix”. The author of the lectures is the candidate of philosophical sciences, specialist in philosophical anthropology and philosophical culture Daria Ziborova.

During the festival, Daria Ziborova held two workshops for young filmmakers on the philosophy of cinema.

“The first lecture was devoted to the opportunity to watch not only auteur cinema, but also mainstream cinema from a philosophical point of view. To do this, you need to ask a question about what is happening on the screen, also understand what the main idea of the film is and the main question that is raised by directors and scriptwriters, philosophical concepts can solve them. Then it suddenly turns out that many modern films quote great philosophical ideas and systems of the past, such as, for example, the Matrix refers us to the ideas of Plato and Buddha,” the lecturer noted.

She also added that she was amazed at the interest young artists showed in such a deep topic as philosophy.

Today, discussing the theory of the image and the emergence of the first civilizations, festival participants spoke about the mysteries of ancient civilizations, looked at this period of history from the point of view of why these or those events took place, and considered some phenomena. So, according to a specialist in philosophical anthropology and philosophical culture, this topic can be very successful for further research in video projection.


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