Truth is always truth, lie is obvious

Truth is always truth, lie is obvious

The victory in the DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival made it possible for three Ukrainian studios not only visit France but also visit institutions of the Council of Europe, find out firsthand from people who are creating standards for the member countries of the Council of Europe, why, for example, public broadcasting is developing not as fast as Ukrainian citizens are expecting? What cases do Ukrainians initiate in the European Court of Human Rights? What are the prospects for decentralization of power in Ukraine?

For example, according to Daniel Popescu, Head of the Democratic Governance Department of the Directorate General of Democracy, the results of decentralization in Ukraine are much higher than the average. Besides, he gave the young people a few tips. First of all, Daniel Popescu thinks that every generation should give the planet to their successors in the state not worse than the one they received it in.

Shain Abbasov, Head of the project of the Council of Europe “Strengthening media freedom and creating public broadcasting system in Ukraine”, told young broadcasters about the information products of the Council of Europe for Ukraine. Shain Abbasov accentuated that truth is always truth, lie is obvious. That is why journalists should adhere to principles in these matters.

Obviously, Ukrainian students could not but visit the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe, the work of which was explained to them by Maryna Filaretova. The Center implements programs in three aspects in Ukraine: promotion of education in the field of human rights, youth work and non-formal education, as well as fight against discrimination in society.


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