To the 125th anniversary of Olexander Dovzhenko there was presented a book

To the 125th anniversary of Olexander Dovzhenko there was presented a book

The four-day event program of the XI DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival has started by the presentation of the book “The first decade of cinematographic creative activity of Olexander Dovzhenko” written by the art expert Volodymyr MyslavskyParticipation in the event, which took place in the gallery “Buzok (“Lilac”), was attended by the President of the Media Festival and also the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov.

For the second year in a row, the DYTIATKO Festival supports the publication of books about the historical past of Ukrainian cinematograph.

“The book is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of birth of Olexander Petrovych Dovzhenko – a noted Ukrainian film director, writer and artist. This event will be celebrated on September the 10th. It consists of little-known publications in the Ukrainian and Russian periodical press within 1924-1934 years written about the movies by Dovzhenko which brightly reflect the nature of that difficult period of life and the role of cinematic art of Olexander Dovzhenko”, – the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council and the President of the Festival, Sergii Chernov tells.

Volodymyr Myslavsky is known in the Region of Kharkiv and throughout of Ukraine as a professional art expert. He is very thorough in his investigations, thus the 36th book of the author is not an exception. Therefore, the City of Kharkiv publishes more and more works about cinema to the envy of the capital.

We live in the time when many people read the titles but don’t reach the content. But there are books that encourage you to look inside and learn more. In my opinion, this is exactly such kind of publication: it is about the classic of Ukrainian cinema, who thought with bright shots and attracted the attention of millions of people,”- Sergii Chernov says.

By the way, this year the information and exhibition center “Buzok” became an active platform for the DYTIATKO Festival for the first time. From September the 4th, the gallery will present a photo exhibition dedicated to the festival. In addition to the presentation of the book about Dovzhenko, free workshops will be held in the premises of the Buzok Gallery within September the 4th and 5th for all interested people, also the actor-casting will take place for children on September the 6th.

Additionally, about the book “The first decade of cinematographic creative activity of Olexander Dovzhenko”.

The first section of the book contains “Strokes to the Image of the artist” – autobiographical materials, as well as separate articles of Ukrainian and Russian film magazines, in which Dovzhenko appears as “the poet of social disasters who looks at the world and feels it with his shots”.

The second section: “Dovzhenko is a first poet of the cinema” includes articles and reviews on his films “The Bag of the Diplomatic courier” (1927), “Zvenygora” (1928), “Arsenal” (1929), “Earth” (1930), “Ivan” (1932), that became the immortal masterpieces. The used innovative shooting methods and montage techniques have had a huge impact on the entire world of the cinema. Charlie Chaplin even expressed the opinion that “the Slavdom gave the cinema world only one creator – the thinker and poet Olexander Dovzhenko.” His film “Earth”(“Zemlya”) is one of the ten best films in the world cinema history.

In the third section “Dates and the facts” – the major events connected with Dovzhenko’s creative activity within 1924 and 1934 years are presented in the chronological sequence.

In this book, Dovzhenko is introduced to us from the unknown side as a picturer, because political cartoons created by Olexander Dovzhenko are gathered here.


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