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They talked about the magic of the word

They talked about the magic of the word

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AndriKulykovthe jury member of the  DYTIATKO Media Festival, co-founder of the Public Radio, talked at his «Magic Word» workshop about how much radio can be used to improve society and how many opportunities radio provides for creativity and communication.

According to him, the radio word does have a magical effect. After all, the radio allows you to influence the audience, provides expanded opportunities for communication at minimal cost. And generally, it can improve society without using the powerful visual factor that television owns. Radio is more democratic, but at the same time much more demanding than TV, because it requires a deep knowledge of the topic and high qualification of the speaker.

“Democracy, encouraging the development of horizontal relationships between people, organizing a broad public discussion – this is all radio. In my opinion, radio requires more qualifications to work than any other media outlet. After all, your opinion does not need to be supported by an image or text, ”says Andrii Kulykov.


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