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The Winners of 10th DYTIATKO International Children’s TV Festival

The Winners of 10th DYTIATKO International Children’s TV Festival

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Президент фестивалю, очільник Харківської обласної ради Сергій Чернов разом з членами журі провели церемонію нагородження переможців у Харківському академічному драматичному театрі ім. О. С. Пушкіна.

Переможці у номінаціях отримали різноманітні призи,  серед яких відеокамери, ноутбуки, проектори, гіроборди, електросамокати, смартфони. Також кошти на реалізацію власних проектів отримали переможці сценарного пітчингу.

The Best Live Action Film by Children’s Studio: 

“You can hear?”

Children’s and Youth Video Studio “Berezil”

The Best Documentary by Children’s Studio

“Faith. Hope. Love.”

Studio “PhotoKrok”

The Best Television Program by Children’s Studio

“I want to be an adult”

Filmmakers school “Novy Kadr”

The Best Animated Cartoon by Children’s Studio

“The house for happiness”

Workshop of cartoons “Dreams of Elephant Lucy”

The Best Music Film (clip) by Children’s Studio


Studio “PhotoCrock”

The Best Radio Program by Children’s Studio

“With responsibility about important things”

Children’s studio of TV presenter “Veselka TV”

Ecology of Wildlife

“Garbage people”

Filmmakers school “Novy Kadr”

We Are Local Self-Government


“We are the self-government! Or nothing is for us without us!”

Cinemagroup “Krok”

Second prize

“Open Radyvyliv”

Radоdrive team

Third Prize

“Not only to look, but also to see!”

Production Studio “Pink glasses”

The winners in the nomination will go to Strasbourg to visit the Headquarters of the Council of Europe.

Our Peaceful Sky

“To the winged heroes”

Creative agency “IDEA”

The Best Television Program for Children

“Pat The Dog”, dir. Charles Vaucelle


The Best Feature Film for Children

“The Witch Hunters”, dir. Rasko Miljkovic

Serbia, Macedonia

The Best Short Film for Children

“MUM”, dir. Akash Mihani


The Best Animated Film for Children

“Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness”, Dir. Edmunds Jansons


Special Jury Prize

“Gelato – Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love”, dir. Daniela Opp



“The Witch Hunters”, dir. Rasko Miljkovic

Serbia, Macedonia

President Cup

Production studio “Pink glasses”

The Best Director

“Supa Modo”, dir. Lukarion Wainaina

Kenya, Germany

The Best Camerawork

“Blue Wind Blows”, dir. Tetsuya Tomina


The Best TV-host

Maria Franchwoman

Program “Visiting to “Merry Caramel”, Television and press studio “Vmeste”, Ukraine

The Best TV Journalist

School TV “19-TV”

Program “Good morning, school!”


The Best Actor

Sonya Eryomina

film “Cucumber unite”, Art school “Cinema”


Special Prize from NewsOne

Studio “Kinoshkola” Of the Palace “Ternotsvit” for clip “Simple rules. REP”


nomination “Film“:

Project “Holiday Offline

Initiative group “MEDI@NNA”

nomination “TV Program“:

Project “Prouseznajka”

Media group “Skrepka”

for creative work

Children’s and Youth Video Studio “Berezil” and Children’s TV Studio “ObovsemKa”


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