The international jury team congratulated the winners-2020

The international jury team congratulated the winners-2020

During the closing ceremony of the XII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival, which was held online, the jury members expressed their impressions of the participants  works, highlighting their initiative, perseverance and interesting ideas that were conveyed in their creative works.

Andrii Kulykov (Ukraine) – media expert, journalist, radio and TV presenter, Chairman of the Board of Public radio: “Current experience has shown that even at a great distance from each other, we can do successful things. Perseverance, initiative, ingenuity, of course, on the basis of curiosity – all of this describes DYTIATKO. If someone did not become a winner, and I congratulate the winners, next year it is worth trying again. After all, during this time you will gain new knowledge and will have more reasons to achieve success.”

Nataliia Morozova (Republic of Belarus) – Director, producer, writer, and teacher, winner of international film festivals, President of the International children’s film festival “KINOMIR”: “Dear children and adults, congratulations on completing a wonderful DYTIATKO Festival. I sincerely thank you for the professional approach that you have shown in your work, your ideas are extraordinary. Please create movies, cartoons, radio programs, blogs, and social ads. Your perseverance makes the world a kinder place.”

Pablo de La Chica (Spain) – Director, producer, screenwriter, founder of Salon Indien Films, an independent film production company, winner of international competitions: “My greeting to the festival participants which, despite the quarantine, was held at a high level. I saw good, professional stories. I feel really happy and want to thank you for the time I spent watching high-quality, in-depth movies that protect children’s rights. Thank you, see you at the next festival!”

Manuk Depoyan (Ukraine) – Director: DYTIATKO is one of my favorite festivals, and I am very happy that even in such a difficult situation, the organizers found the opportunity to bring us all together again. Now, unfortunately, we communicate at a distance, but still our emotions find each other. As always, I enjoyed watching the competition program and saw a lot of strong professional films. I want to emphasize that every year the festival program becomes richer and more interesting, and it was very difficult to choose the best film. All this suggests that the film industry is replenished by professionals in their field, including children. I wish you all good health, self-confidence and of course a peaceful sky. Little child-this is a festival where everybody wins!”.

Illia Svidler-Director of the international film distribution company Kinolife, member of the Ukrainian film Academy: “I welcome the participants of the DYTIATKO Festival. I am very pleased to be involved in this wonderful event. You have passed the most difficult path – creating content, movies, and scripts. You have to have a lot of strength and talent to do it, and you did it. Thank you all for your incredibly talented work. I hope to see your work next year, which will be even more professional and exciting.”

Kateryna Yaresko – Head of the Department of social communication management at Semyon Kuznets Kharkiv National economic University, Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, research journalist, blogger: “The city of Kharkiv is extraordinary, because it gave the world a fantastic DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival, which this year celebrated its twelfth anniversary. I wish you all success and inspiration and look forward to seeing you next year.”

Sergii Filatov, head of the V. S. Grizodubova Kharkiv Aero club, and Anna Simonenko, Executive Director of Kharkiv Aviafest: “We want to express our most sincere congratulations from our Korotych airfield. Unfortunately, this year the coronavirus brought its own adjustments to the holding of the DYTIATKO Festival and Aviafest 2020, but nevertheless, the organizers managed to find a way out and unite all of us through the Internet. Every year, the Kharkiv Aero club organizes interesting excursions and flights for the DYTIATKO finalists, as well as supports the nomination “Оur peaceful sky”, which attracts the attention of more and more children. We want to assure you that every work that was sent to us was special and unique, so it is always difficult to select the best one every time. We are sure that next year will provide the “Peaceful sky” nomination with even more talented participants and guests of the Korotych airfield. We sincerely wish you success, inspiration, prosperity and high flying. We look forward to the next 2021.”

The President of the DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov and the festival team thank the international jury team for the large amount of work done, revised, evaluated, agreed, noted.

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