The Best TV Program for Children

The Best TV Program for Children

Let’s Go! 48 Hours

Hakka TV, Taiwan

With children as the focus and no host, each episode provides children with rich materials and opportunities, encouraging self-exploration, self-expression, and peer interaction.


Ralph and the dinosaurs

dir. Marcel Barelli, Switzerland

Did you know that some dinosaurs had fur, that Tyrannosaurus wasn’t the biggest flesh eating dinosaur, that each year we discover new species of dinosaur? And did you know some dinosaurs ate stones? Since their existence was discovered on this planet, what we know about dinosaurs and what they looked like hasn’t stopped changing.

Caps and Hats

dir. Patrick Raats, Netherlands

When Sam puts on a hat he and friends Toby and Frog, have a great adventure. Through interruptions by little girl Suze these adventures take funny imaginative turns.

YOKO: Rainy Day

dir. Dzhalil Rizvanov, Russian Federation

Yoko follows the adventures of three children – Mai, Oto and Vik who simply love to play outside. The enthusiasm and energy with which they throw themselves headlong into their games arouses the curiosity of a magical being called Yoko. Yoko is a magical creature of the forest which only appears to those children who play with no holds barred.

Agugugu Magic Show

Agugugu, Ukraine



Radio and Television Broadcasting Company “RAI” and “Viola” NGO, Ukraine

A program for children, adolescents and their parents.

Mikey Mike's Zoo Yoga

dir. Natalie Bible’, USA

Mikey Mike’s Zoo Yoga is an instructional children’s fitness series designed for all ages. Bringing together the skills of yoga closer to the level of a child’s interest, understanding, and capabilities.

Greenhouse Academy

dir. Giora Chamizer, Israel

After losing their mother, 2 siblings arrive ar a boarding school for gifted future leaders. They join two competing houses at school and become rivals. Soon, mysterious events draw both groups into a secret investigation and uncover a deadly plot to destroy the planet. They must come together to save each other.

Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning

dir. Alain Bidard, Canada, France, Martinique

Syanna, a young black Caribbean girl, wakes up amnesic in an Afrofuturistic world where she has been enslaved by the global colonial empire of Mortemonde. Every day, she is forced to collect 500 experience points or XP for her master in the Battledream, a dangerous video game in which players die for real.

Mati & Rocco

dir. Federico Demattei Vidal, Diego Cagide, Argentina

“Mati & Rocco” tells the experiences of Mati, a shy nine years old child know-it-all and his best friend Rocco, a curious monster that comes from the center of the Earth and who is fascinated by the world of the surface. Together, they live adventures where unconditional friendship is always present.

Televitaminki are visiting animator

ІНТБ, Ukraine

Pat The Dog

dir. Charles Vaucelle, France

Pat The Dog tells the daily adventures of an ordinary little dog Pat and his owner Lola. Pat would do anything to save Lola’s day, overcoming the insurmountable thanks to his improvised plans and canine genius. His missions are sometimes perilous, often surprising and, above all, constantly funny.

Helen's Little School

dir. Dominique Etchecopar, Canada, France

Five-year-old Helen loves teaching her toys. All together, the little girl and her unruly students will discover how helping and listening to each other is the best way to learn, whether it is how to get a good school year group photo or how to bake a yummy birthday cake.


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