The Best Short Film for Children

The Best Short Film for Children


dir. Daniel Bydlowski, USA

Eugene, a shy 10-year-old boy, is bullied every day until he discovers a secret underneath the school that keeps him safe, for now…

It Rains Slowly

dir. Saeed Nejati, Turkey

A story that happened in 1980s and its topic is : a teacher teaches the students what is freedom and how to withstand injustice.


dir. Riccardo Di Gerlando, Italy

A young girl tries to draw a very difficult work ..

Little Heroes

dir. Lydia Bruna, Germany

Lena and Basti dream of being action heroes, therefore they join the local children’s firebrigade. But the challenges are bigger then expected and their friendship is tested; because one important lesson, they still have to learn: together you’re stronger then alone.

Are You Volleyball?!

dir. Mohammad Bakhshi, Iran

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can’t keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.


dir. Maximiliano Subiela, Argentina, Italy

Miguel is a little boy that lives in a shantytown with his father, a tough man embittered by life who makes him go about the streets of Buenos Aires picking up cardboard for them to scrape a living. One day, rummaging through the rubbish, Miguel finds a Pinocchio puppet that, with some help from a fairy teacher and old Barbablú, will teach him a valuable lesson on unconditional love.


dir. Igor Osmolovski, Lyudmila Shapoval, Belarus

A film about a teenager with autism and his abilities.

The new boy

dir. Maria Sopova, Russian Federation

Imagine that you have 5 children… Now imagine that the family has become even more than one child… a brand New boy act like he hung the moon: speaks in a strange language and listens to his parents… the Comedy of the absurd, well, you understand. 


dir. Julio Benito Cabrera, India

There is a bigger world outside the world wide web


dir. Anna Troyanskaya, Russian Federation, Ukraine

A true native granddad is better than all the magic Santa Clauses.

Alice in the sky with comets

dir. Christophe Sailly, France

Alice, 9 years old, has a dream: later she will be an astronaut. But a serious eye disease makes it impossible. Until a surgeon and a strange hospital roommate make her see that dream differently.

Director & Teacher

dir. Ömer Dişbudak, Turkey

Burak is a Turkish language and literature teacher in a state school but at the same time interested in cinema so shoots short movies. Also in his lessons he benefits the effective expression techniques of cinema.

Sherbert Rozencrantz, You're Beautiful

dir. Natalie van den Dungen, Australia

Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig. When her mother attempts to engineer for her a ‘real’ friend, it results in ridicule and forces Milly to question her sense of self.

My Grandfather’s Notebook

dir. Jacqueline Sánchez-Carrero, Enrique A. Martínez, Spain

Eleven-year-old Lucia and her mother move to Seville, against Lucia’s will, mainly because she is being separated from her grandfather, who has raised her since she was born. In response to the tense situation with her mother, Lucia´s grandfather decides to share a secret with her, a mysterious notebook.


dir. Akash Mihani, India

An eight-year-old Mamta is struggling with her homework. She gains the attention of her always strict class teacher as she reads from the unwritten essay on Mother; leaving the class teacher distressed.

The camping girl

dir. Paméla Bisson, Canada

Erika goes to camp for the first time and has to survive a week without her smartphone and her audience of subscribers.


dir. Asier Ramos Rubert, Spain

Mateo is all alone. The world around him seems to spin too fast and everyone seems so insensitive, no one realizes … Mateo will find out something and it will be only one option … TO RUN AWAY


dir. Helen Takkin, Estonia

Elo hates kindergarden. She does not understand why she has to stay in this prison, while there is a alluring and mysterious life waiting for her outside. Elo comes up with a plan how to escape that place for good.


dir. Marco Di Gerlando, Ludovica Gibelli, Italy

Balo is a young boy just arrived in Italy from a distant country


dir. Partha Sarathi Manna, India

Almost all kids dream to be alike their parents but Pritam’s father stinks for him. Even the fills ashamed of uttering a word about “MY FATHER” in the classroom. But whn pritam confronts the sole motive of his father’s profession, he vows to be a cleaner.

Just Go!

dir. Pavels Gumennikovs, Latvia

Inspired by the incredible true story about a young man, who lost both of his legs in childhood accident and who is in love with the girl next door.

Sa'ad's olive tree

dir. Ahmad Zayery, Iran, Syria

“Saad” is a boy who loves football with big dreams. After he loses his eyes and friends in a mortar explosion, he falls into a big depression and locks himself up at home. It is his mother with so many efforts and creativity who brings him back to life again…

Change your heart, not my color

dir. Pierre-Antoine Carpentier, France, Senegal

Djibril is a thirty-year-old Senegalese with a stable situation, with values and friends. And like other Senegaleses, he has preconceptions about albino people. Then the day he meets one, he is making fun of him. But he doesn’t know that albino people won’t let themselves be pushed around that day.


dir. Baturhan Bilgin, Turkey

A short film about the situations that a little girl faces while trying to complete her homework.


dir. Mohammad javad Heydari, Iran

The condition for it’s sale is that the toy helicopter will be sold by money or 80 kilos of date instead he made this condition in order to make the competition among the kids narrower and they elaborate harder to gather dates in order to get the helicopter.

Tutu & Pointes

dir. Iria Pizania, United Kingdom

A 10 year old girl with a commitment to support her hardworking single mother is about to have her life changed when an unexpected friend guides her towards discovering the power of dance.

The way of Becoming Me

dir. Yeo Huiji, Republic of Korea

Just like her peers, Seulgi wants to wear pretty clothes and hang out with her boyfriend Min-sung. However, Seulgi feels ashamed of herself because she feels inferior to others as her mother is always busy. Then, one day, her grandmother Sun-ok visits. 


dir. Oksana Artemenko, Ukraine

Little boy scared toilet. His father – military soldier – taught him “A real man should pee in the toilet not the pot”. Father went at war at the East of Ukraine and didn’t come back home. Son should become man now.


dir. Mohanraj Sivalingam, India

Tarun wanted sports shoes for his birthday but His father can’t afford. Tarun & His sister Harini fully showcase how the society who has more than needed can help the one in need and create true ‘JOY’.


dir. Edison Sanchez, Colombia

Yover is barely twelve, but he must work. Every day he rides the streets of the new Bojayá – a village that survived the bloodiest massacre of the war in Colombia – and continues to steal from reality, minutes of fantasy and play, which belong to the world of children.

Sacred Hair

dir. Mario Morin, Canada

Sacred Hair is the story of Arthur, 8, that despite his age is living the biggest challenge of his life: cancer. On Mont-Royal Park in Montreal, he crosses paths with Mounia, a Muslim woman wearing the hijab.


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