The Best Documentary by Children’s Studio

The Best Documentary by Children’s Studio

У номінації представлено 9 робіт з 6 країн.

«Our alley sparrows»

dir. Zhivar Farajzadeh, Iran

Sparrows sit on the tree every day. And Dyar half his cookies. He split his cookies and crumbs it. Then give them to the sparrows.

«Eternity shot»

Plast, village of Kolky, Ukraine

«Sweet Childhood»

dir. Lee Yi-Jia, Huang Bao-Ying, Lai Ying-Hsuan, Taiwan

Yi-jia’s grandfather is a beekeeper for 40 years. Having been around bees since he is young, Yi-jia knows bees well, while many people are scared of them. Now he is taking 2 classmates to experience the hard work and joy of beekeeping, and explore the world of bees.

«Down the streets of cinematographic Poltava»

«KILLA the Queñola of the lake»

Colectivo Ajayu, Peru

The children of the IEP No. 70018 San José de Huaraya, made a story with Andean identity that is about a girl who disobeys her grandmother, which brings consequences.

«Dreams and Journeys»

dir. Andre O Fernandez, USA

One of the Youngest Weightlifters, Marco Nunez, Competes in a weightlifting competition. Marco faces one of his biggest challenges yet.


Střední škola filmová, multimediální a počítačových technologií, s. r. o., Czech Republic

Jarda is starting by an exposition of Jaroslav Dejl, the main character of our documentary. He is presented as a puppeteer, theatre-activist, and school director. Step by step, it continues to his past, to the interesting persons, linked with him and of course, to his features. The film ends as a compacted theatre show.

«Faith. Hope. Love.»

«I love Ukraine!»


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