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Work organization of the Youth Center of the Council of Europe is a new experience for young TV-workers

The winners of the DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival visited the European Youth Center. It is one of two youth centers organized by the Council of Europe; another one is located in Budapest. The purpose of this center is to create the unique platform for communication of the youth and social organizations. The center provides…
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Human rights can not remain internal problems of the country

The winners of the DYTIATKO Festival visited the European Court of Human Rights, where they talked to Dmytro Tretiakov, Head of the Ukrainian department for preliminary complaint investigation at the European Court of Human Rights The youth found out about the international judicial authority with jurisdiction over all the countries – member of the Council of Europe…
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The creative videos were presented by the participants of the DYTIATKO Festival

Members of the jury of the Х DYTIATKO International Children’s Television Festival  examined creative tasks made by the finalists. Tonight, on the penultimate day of the festival, the jury members saw creative tasks on the topic “Everything that is said three times, becomes true”, that was given to the participants on the opening day of the event. After watching the…
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