Sergii Chernov: This year we created an atmosphere of unexpected and innovative solutions

Sergii Chernov: This year we created an atmosphere of unexpected and innovative solutions

During the XI DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival closing ceremony, Sergii Chernov, the chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, the president of the festival, noted the high quality of the works submitted to the contest, congratulated the winners and all participants of the festival.

“During the four days of the festival, you were able to be completely immersed in the world of DYTIATKO, and I hope you liked it. Visiting master classes and author’s lectures, you have replenished your knowledge base, which should always be varied and carefully selected. You had a chance to come into contact with a huge number of people from other regions, learned about their creative techniques, as well as the trends of the national and international television and film industries, said the president of the festival, addressing the audience.

He also noted that each DYTIATKO Festival has its own zest. For example, at one of the festivals the participants had the opportunity to meet with an astronaut who is from Kharkiv region.

“This year we tried to create an atmosphere of unexpected and innovative solutions. Therefore, the opening of the festival took place in the club, and the closing of DYTIATKO was in the organ hall of the Philharmonic. The workshops with an emphasis on virtual reality were between them. Why am I talking about this? Therefore, modernity dictates its own rules to us. They are simple: you must always be prepared for unpredictable and various circumstances. The world is rapidly changing, to a large extent becoming virtual,” emphasized Sergii Chernov.

He thanked the finalists of the festival for their interest and attention to the issues of television space, film production and broadcasting, noting that “at proper time we created DYTIATKO Festival to make the media space kinder, better, more informative. I know we are on the right track. Including, it will be thanks to you all and everyone personally.”

Sergii Chernov also thanked the partners and sponsors, all the organizing committee of the festival and its director Volodymyr Diagilev, honorable members of the jury who came from many parts of the world.


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