Sergii Chernov opened the XII Dytiatko International Children’s Media Festival

Sergii Chernov opened the XII Dytiatko International Children’s Media Festival

Sergii Chernov, President of the Media Festival, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, announced the official opening of the twelfth Dytiatko International Children’s Festival. This year the ceremony takes place online.

“I sincerely congratulate everyone for whom the opening of the XII Dytiatko International Children’s Media Festival is an expected and joyful event.

I greet those who, despite the barriers of quarantine, managed to create a high-quality media product this year, which eventually reached the final of the festival. Our esteemed jury, as always, will have to make a lot of efforts to select the best from very good works received from all over the world. They must be the most creative, unusual, meaningful.

Professional and authoritative guests will attend the festival, share with you their knowledge, secrets and recipes. Significant events will also take place: the opening of the Movie Posters exhibition, the presentation of the book, and script pitching. There will be free screenings of the best children’s films from around the world in the cinemas of Kharkiv.

Therefore, I hope that the festival will be beneficial for you, becoming a stepping stone to personal and professional growth. Let it be unforgettable!” Sergii Chernov addressed the participants and members of the jury.

235 works from 43 countries of the world were selected for the contest program of the current Dytiatko. In total, in 2020, the organizing committee received 1,500 entries from 109 countries of the world. The professional jury of the 2020 festival includes specialists from Mexico, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Belarus and Ukraine.

Due to the pandemic, most of the festival’s events will be held online: master classes, creative meetings and scenario pitching. Both meters, for example, Yurii Kovalov, director of Ukrainian fantasy ”The Watchtower”, and Tonia Noiabrova, young, but talented and already well-known Ukrainian directors, and Antonio Lukich, will share their experience and secrets with the participants.

The fifth scenario pitching of Dytiatko International Children’s Media Festival, as always, takes place in two nominations: “Film” and “TV Program”.

There will be a live presentation of the book by Volodymyr Myslavskyi, film critic, film historian, “Film Study Intelligence in Ukraine”. The collection includes little-known articles by Ukrainian authors, published by periodicals during 1924-1936. And also online lecture “Cinema history in 12 films” will be brought to attention of the finalists of the festival.

Participants will also be able to watch the documentary “Kokush U. Crane” directed by Andrii Zazharskyi and Svitlana Sokolenko. Anatolii Kokush is a legendary person in Ukrainian and world cinema, twice received the highest world award in cinema — Oscar. Anatolii Yakymovych Kokush agreed to personally answer the questions of the festival participants upon completion of the film.

Three new nominations have been proposed at the festival this year. The most popular among children’s creative studios are traditionally nominations for the best animation and fiction films, the overwhelming majority of films for children are short films and animated films.

Participants from Kharkiv region will visit Korotych airfield and V.S. Hryzodubova Kharkiv flying club, where children are expected to fly by plane, an air show and a master class on making kites.

An obligatory part of the festival is free screenings in the city’s cinemas. This year, the best children’s films from around the world from September 2 to 5 can be seen in the cinema “Kyiv”, A. Dovzhenko cinemas and “8 1/2”.

The festival of cinema and children’s television will end on September 5, the closing ceremony of the ХІІ Dytiatko International Children’s Media Festival will be held online.

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