Promotion and optimization of YouTube Channel

Promotion and optimization of YouTube Channel

Volodymyr Ksenzytskyi, producer and director, hosted a master class for the finalists of the XII DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival where he shared his experience of working with famous video hosting for promoting media product.

As Volodymyr Ksenzytskyi mentioned, there is a belief that video popularity and promotion depend on the number of tags. However, according to him, this is incorrect, since it does not give sufficient result and can lead to the viewer perceiving the video with many tags as a spam. Increasing the number of fake views is also a faulty strategy.  This strategy can even lead to the service deleting the video. YouTube likes honesty.  

According to Volodymyr Ksenzytskyi’s experience, rating of the video starts to go up when promotion is carried out through social networks and messengers. “It’s important that people go to your video from other websites and services, for instance Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. As soon as YouTube understands that your video is being watched from different platforms, rating starts to go up. We know this from our own experience.”  

However, the main component of efficient work with YouTube is video quality. “90% of your success is your video. We are talking about visual imagery and sound. The more professional the video is, the more chances of getting to the recommended page it has. The longer your viewer watches your video, the better it is”, the expert is sure.  

According to him, in order to successfully promote your channel on YouTube, you need to find your audience and grasp their attention so that they would stay on your channel. “So that people would not only be subscribed to you but also watch your videos regularly,” Volodymyr Ksenzytskyi said.  

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