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Program of screening: September 8, 2018

Program of screening: September 8, 2018

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З 5 по 8 вересня конкурсні роботи безкоштовно можна переглянути у кінотеатрах:  

імені Олександра Довженка (вул. 23 Серпня, 61);

Київ (бульвар Юр’єва, 1);

Кіноленд (пр-кт Ювілейний, 54).

Cinema named after O. Dovzhenko

Screening Time



Ukrainian premiere

2017, 84′  / France, Burkina Faso, Qatar

Dir. Berni Goldblat

Ady, a 13 years old boy, no longer listens to his father who raises him alone. The latter, running out of resources, decides to entrust Ady to his uncle Amadou for the summer. Uncle Amadou and his family live on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea… in Burkina Faso! Ady persuaded to go on holidays.

cinema "Kiev"



2018, 74′ / Kenya, Germany

Dir. Lukarion Wainaina

Nine-year-old Jo loves action films and dreams of being a superhero. Her biggest wish: to make a film and star in it. In her fantasy she can forget that she is terminally ill. When Jo‘s sister can no longer bear seeing the cheerful girl spend her precious remaining time in bed, she encourages Jo to believe in her magic powers, and the whole village to make Jo’s dream a reality.

cinema "Kinoland"



European premiere

2018, 85′ / Belgium, Czech Republic, Russian Federation

Dir. Martin Kotík, Inna Evlannikova

Harvie is a smart but a bit lively boy with one ambition, to finish the last level of his computer game. Once in the Gamers Hall of Fame, his absent-minded father, Mr. Spejbl, would finally be proud of him. But finishing the game turns out to be only the start of a real adventure.


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