Our peaceful sky

Our peaceful sky

We are for a peaceful sky

2019, 5′

Scout Organization of Ukraine Plast, center of Kolky

The Heavenly Hundred is a pain of millions in the cities, a pain of thousands in the villages, a pain of every family. At the same time the Heavenly Hundred is an honor of those who stood to the end. They became angels in the sky for the sake of our happy future. We can see and feel dreams of children and youth in the movie. They want not much – just to live under the peaceful skies.

Not your war

2018, 4′

First Class TV

The movie tells a story of a pair of sweethearts. She is a little artist. He is her loyal assistant. From their childhood children have been growing up in love to their native land. But all of a sudden… War…

Iron "dove of peace"

2019, 8′

Studio «New Wave», TRC «Sigma»

There are many interesting monuments and landmarks in Lozova. One of them is an airplane in the Victory Park. The “iron bird” is located next to a picturesque pond. Urban residents come there to relax and admire nature. They used to walk there, near the aircraft. Do many of them know what kind this aircraft is? How did it get there?

Angel of the peaceful sky

2019, 10′

Children’s TV Studio “RAKURS”

Their names were not well known in their lifetime. Their projects were “shield and sword” in the “Cold War”, but the skies were peaceful. They did not have wings but were Angels. One of them is Mykhailo Yangel…

Good Sky in a nice city

2019, 7′

Children’s and Youth Media Center “Planet Z”

The air navigation is thrilling! Over more than 200 years the balloons have been taking to the air. And not everyone is lucky to see nearby who these giants are being prepared for the flight. The safe flight of a balloon is possible only in the peaceful sky.

Flight to the dream

2019, 4′

Children’s and Youth Television Studio “Grani”

A story about Dmytro Alvidze, a member of the aviation design club of Zaporizhzhia Regional Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth “Grani”, and his dream.


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