Manuk Depoyan: Animation. From idea to implementation

Manuk Depoyan: Animation. From idea to implementation

The master class hosted by Manuk Depoyan, the animation director, the author of the film “Mykyta Kozhumiaka, was held within the framework of the DYTIATKO Children’s Television Festival.

In his speech, he touched upon the history of animation, as well as how he got into the profession.

The host of the training said: ” To become a director, one does not need to complete the courses but to have a great inner desire in order to embody ideas in life in spite of numerous life challenges”.

On the differences in the work of feature film director and animated film director he said: “The director in feature films works with actors, while in animated films he or she works with the animator. The task of the animator is to implement the task of the director, bring the picture to life”.

“Idea. What is an idea? Both in animation, and in fiction film everything starts with an idea, – says the director. – The idea in the cinema world is what moves the events and the heroes of the film. Following the example of my works, I will show you how everything was created from an idea to finished motion pictures”.

According to the director, one can find inspiration and idea by watching life. “For example, taking a walk in the park, or walking to the subway, you can see something interesting that will be the starting point for the idea of your film”, Depoyan said.

Talking about his work on the latest film “Mykyta Kozhumiaka”, the director said that the work on the script took a long time. However, when it was ready, the crew realized that something was lacking in it. It turned out that the idea was lacking.

“We had to understand how a hero should behave, how to interact with other heroes and the world around him. During brainstorming by the team of screenwriters, we realized that Mykyta Kozhumiaka is not strong. He is weak but he wants to be a hero. An idea came to us that the strength of the spirit is stronger than the physical strength, so in the film Mykyta was able to defeat evil with the help of his ingenuity”, the speaker said.

During the master class he also showed some clips from his films.

Talking about his film, based on the satirical novel by Jaroslav Hašek, “The Good Soldier Švejk,” he emphasized: “When you work on a film based on a piece of literature, you have to break it. As a director, you have to show that you are also an artist, a creator. Show your vision of this story. It is very important”.

In conclusion, Manuk Depoyan said: “Animation is hard work. It always takes a lot of time. But I think you are not afraid of difficulties that it entails”.


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