Ingredients for successful blogging

Ingredients for successful blogging

Master class with this name was conducted for the finalists of the XII DYTIATKO International Children Media Festival in an online format by Kateryna Yaresko, blogger,  journalist – researcher.

Kateryna Yaresko says that blogging is not as overly organized as journalism, it is not constrained by editorial restrictions. However, bloggers should borrow journalistic techniques for working with information and presenting it. Since such journalistic accents in the work as the relevance of the topic, its social significance and focus on the news – should be incorporated by bloggers as well.

 “At the same time it is important to understand that the journalist tries to present his or her material as  impersonal and unbiased as possible whereas the blogger shows objectiveness, his or her point of view, which is of interest to the audience of the blogger” Kateryna Yaresko mentiones.

 Also the expert told about the ethical standards of work in journalism and blogging, among them the key standards are freedom of speech, serving the interests of society, objectivity / subjectivity, respect for private life / disclosure of socially significant information, separation of advertising from the main content, separation of facts from judgments and assumptions, inadmissibility of plagiarism.

According to Kateryna Yaresko, the ingredients for successful blogging are authorship, target audience, use of information sources, creativity, educational activities.

“Working with information, you can enrich your blog if you use such journalistic methods as analysis, comparison, generalization, classification, analogy, modeling, drawing conclusions,” Kateryna Yaresko advises.

At the request of the participants of the master class, the expert suggested beginners to create blogs about what they are interested in, what they personally want to deeply understand; try to develop their own individuality, be many-sided, learn to tell stories, constantly work on acquiring new knowledge and skills.

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