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Human rights can not remain internal problems of the country

Human rights can not remain internal problems of the country

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The winners of the DYTIATKO Festival visited the European Court of Human Rights, where they talked to Dmytro Tretiakov, Head of the Ukrainian department for preliminary complaint investigation at the European Court of Human Rights

The youth found out about the international judicial authority with jurisdiction over all the countries – member of the Council of Europe which had ratified the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, covering all the issues related to interpretation and application of the Convention, including state-to-state cases and claims of the individuals.

According to Dmytro Tretiak, Ukraine takes the third place among the countries in relation to the number of claims. Most often the Ukrainians make claims connected with breach of property rights, violation of rights of displaced residents. One third of all the claims are related to the unfair legal proceedings.  


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