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How to engage the support of the film commission to win the project?

How to engage the support of the film commission to win the project?

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Volodymyr Khanas, expert of the Academy of Capacity Building of Local Communitiesand Ternopil Film Commission, regional coordinator of the Dokudays UA International Documentary Film Festival in Ternopil Region, told young filmmakers about it.

On the training course, the participants learned how to use film commissions – new formations that accompany the process of film production, from preparation to completion of post-production. Thus this year Ternopil Film Commission has accompanied and continues to accompany the making of 11 films, said the speaker.

According to him, this year Ternopil Film Commission accompanied the shooting of 11 national films, last year there were 15 films, and the year before last there were 4.

Communicating with the finalists of the festival who arrived in Kharkiv, Volodymyr Khanas emphasized the features and rules of the pitch, which will be held tomorrow as a part of the festival and thanks to which one of the three television programs presented and one of the six films will be able to receive funding of its idea.

During the master class, Volodymyr Khanas spoke about the top 5 errors when pitching a film project, namely:

  • The author himself does not imagine how his product will finally look.
  • The author has no idea to whom he presents his idea
  • Boring, long, uninteresting
  • Do not convince that everyone around is bad
  • Do not worry about the whole world. Take care of your own or your producer’s interests
  • You should explain what kind of product / idea you are trying to sell
  • It makes sense to think of one felicitous proposal (slogan), which would reveal the essence of the future project.

Also, it is necessary to note who is the main character / characters of the future work for successful pitching. Visualizing at least one episode will increase the chance of a positive decision.

“Do not make presentations with a lot of slides. It’s better for the speaker to have a conversation with the audience in a friendly format, says Volodymyr Khanas. Slides, as well as flash cards, should contain an outline of the report. The optimal number of people for the presentation is 2-3 persons. Moreover, each team member is responsible for a certain part: for example, the producer talks about the structure of the project and the director talks about visualization, etc.

He also added that only up to 30% of the main information of the project is revealed during the pitch, the rest of the information is clarified in the course of further discussion. 50% of the pitch is an idea, and 50% is the person who invented and implemented the idea.


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