Finalists of Dytiatko media festival learned how to create movie posters online

Finalists of Dytiatko media festival learned how to create movie posters online

Today the XII International Children's Media Festival “Dytiatko”, which includes a number of online master classes, has begun. Kateryna Kurinna, computer design teacher at the STEP Academy, a designer-practitioner, told about the peculiarities of creating a movie poster.

At movie poster Design master class, they examined the history of the genre of poster graphics, the main industries in which the visual capabilities and effects of the poster are used in the modern world, in particular, advertising and interior design.

“A poster, a banner, a placard are a kind of graphics, a visual image that aims to attract the attention of a wide range of target audience through the use of visual effects. If at first the appearance of the posters only provided some information, then later it became a separate kind of art and today the Cannes Lions festival has even been introduced, which celebrates the contribution of designers to the global advertising and creative industry,” said Kateryna Kurinna.

We also paid attention to social and event posters, the relevance of which is increasing in the global world due to the pandemic, because thanks to this type of contemporary art, society can convey important messages.

We examined the structure of the Movie Posters using the example of “The Avengers”, the world-wide film of the Marvell corporation.

“When creating a movie poster, a designer must take into account a few essential points. Of course, the title of the movie and the movie star are key. We focus on these points. If a well-known film maker, such as Marvell, or a famous director whose name is also a brand, such as Tarantino, creates a product, then using fonts can draw attention to these aspects.

Age restrictions are an important point to consider. In addition, information about sponsors and partners is indicated on movie posters, if necessary. The date and time of the premiere, the place of the show are of course compulsory”, the teacher said.

We also talked about the technical capabilities of computer programs in which you can work with vector graphics. The participants of the master class, using the practical advice of designer Kateryna Kurinna, tried to create movie posters in the Inkscape program.

Kateryna Kurinna wished the participants of the master class creative inspiration, success and continuous improvement of skills, because the development of computer technologies significantly expands the range of possibilities of a modern designer, in the art of creating posters in particular.

DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival was established by Kharkiv Regional Council in 2009 at the initiative of Sergii Chernov. The festival has partnerships with the Children's World Film Festival and international organizations, supported by the Council of Europe, and is a member of CIFEJ and ECFA. The festival is non-commercial, participation in it, as well as views of competitive works in the cinemas of Kharkiv, is free.

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