Competitive screenings, 3th Sept.

Competitive screenings, 3th Sept.

Cinema "Kyiv"




2019, 50’

Director: Anne Scheschonk
At the age of 12 Maya lost all of her hair. The diagnosis: Alopecia areata. She asks herself: How do others perceive me? Am I beautiful? Almost like a way to
provide the answers, Maya takes lots of selfies.

Becoming LEV

2019, 17’
Netherlands, Ukraine

Director: Jamillah van der Hulst, Thomas Roos
Becoming LEV tells the inspiring story of Valerii, a young boy from Kharkiv,
Ukraine. Valerii has one dream; to become a professional football player just like Evgeniy Levchenko (LEV). It takes dedication, passion and family to reach this goal.

Under The Skin

2020, 16’

1st Vocational High School of Rethymnon
Author: Elissavet Vivilaki
Trend, personal expression, identity search, statement, revolution? When, how and why? What do the tattoo techniques actually mean, for the teenager who chooses to apply them? Is it substantial or does it have a deeper meaning?

Meet Ramón

2020, 4’
Argentina, Uruguay

Director: Pilar Aldirico
Ramón, a fur seal pup, was rescued from an oil spill when he was just a few
days old. He lives now in a marine wildlife rescue center, with many animals that also carry plastic issues. Ramon’s story is about hope and survival.



Foxter & Max

2019, 89’

Director: Anatoliy Mateshko
An artistic, frustrated pre-teen discovers that the graffiti dog he painted with a found can of what he thought was spray-paint, has come to life in the form of an ultra-intelligent super-dog made of nanobots. But now both of them are being hunted by the most dangerous criminal in the city, who will stop at nothing to get this newest technology in his grasp.

Dovzhenko cinema




2019, 94’
Russian Federation

Director: Aleksandr Galibin
As far back as Yamil can remember, the war was always. But Yamil is waiting for its end, because then his Father, known to the boy only through photos and letters, will be back home. One day his Mother goes to a distant city and brings a silent girl Oksana. Mother also brings his Father’s order to take care of Oksana as if she were his sister…

Cinema "8 1/2"



The wall between us

2019, 110’

Director: Norbert Lechner
1986. At a youth meeting between East and West ANNA (17) meets PHILLIP. It is “love at first sight”. But the love is overshadowed by a bitter reality: will they be able to carry on a relationship from opposite sides of the wall?

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