“Cinematology researches” has been presented in Kharkiv

“Cinematology researches” has been presented in Kharkiv

As part of the DYTIATKO XII International Children’s Media Festival the two-volume research work “Cinematology researches in Ukraine” (second half of the 1920s – first half of the 1930s) by film expert and historian Volodymyr Myslavskyi has been presented at the Art Gallery “Buzok”.

This is the third documentary work performed by Volodymyr Myslavskyi in exploring history of the national film-making released under the auspices of Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council. The publication reveals names unknown to a wide range of people and tells about almost forgotten bright events in the artistic and spiritual life of Kharkiv region in 1920s-1930s.

When addressing the audience of this important event, Volodymyr Myslavskyi expressed his thanks and gratitude to Sergii Chernov, Chairman of the Regional Council, President of the DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival. He said, “Owing to his support, in the context of the festival, I created my best works – a five-volume history of the Ukrainian films, a book about our  countryman Oleksandr Dovzhenko and “Cinematology researches in Ukraine”, they have just been released. From year to year, with the assistance and sincere participation of Sergii Chernov, it is possible to deal with blank pages in the history of Ukrainian films. I am convinced that the best is ahead – interesting researches, names revived to be mentioned in the history of our region.”

When addressing festival participants, Volodymyr Myslavskyi added, “It is always a pleasure to work with the young people and realize that the future of filmmaking as well as other forms of visual art is in their hands. Thus, I wish all the festival participants to have creative inspiration, original innovative ideas and self-belief.”

According the author’s words, the purpose of the work is to keep historical memory, to spread knowledge about the previously hidden pages of formation of the Ukrainian filmmaking and film studies, as well as to show versatility and depth of film conception of those days.

The Cinematology researches contain relatively unknown articles by Ukrainian authors, published in the periodicals during 1924-1936. The unique materials – various works on film studies and research – have been collected in the publications. Thanks to the draftsman’s work covering almost all Ukrainian periodicals of that time, it was possible to build a holistic picture of formation and development of Ukrainian film studies, which became sovietized and russified by the Stalin’s regime in the mid-1930s and, thus, lost cultural identity.

For referenceLet us recall, last year during the run of the International Children’s Media Festival “Dytiatko” a book about life of Oleksandr Petrovych Dovzhenko, a famous Ukrainian film director, writer and artist was presented in Kharkiv on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his birthday.

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