Best Television Programme for Сhildren

Best Television Programme for Сhildren

Ready, Set, Breathe!

2018, 8’, United States

Director: Sunny Williams

Willow can run like the wind, but suddenly she has a hard time breathing! Watch Dr. Patches and Nurse Scrubs as they teach Willow about asthma just in time to win her big race!

Grizzy and the Lemmings

2018, 7′, France

Director: Victor Moulin

As soon as the Forest Ranger is away, GRIZZY feels it’s only natural that the Ranger Station becomes his territory. And no other animal dares to contest this privilege. Except the LEMMINGS! They are small, but there are a lot of them – and they want their share of the Eldorado!

The Very Hairy Alphabet

2019, 7′, Germany

Director: Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez

It’s a children preschool series, in which each short episode is dedicated to one letter of the alphabet.

Quick and slow

2019, 8′, Canada

Director: Jean-Sebastien Busque

А show where two jokester inventors, a daring dummy, and a high-speed camera take elementary school students through a series of strange experiments to discover the magic of slow-motion.

Children's morning online

2019, 20′, Ukraine


Culinary secrets of Niusia Povaryoshkina

2019, 6′, Ukraine


Nіusіa Povaryoshkina loves to cook and will gladly share her culinary secrets with boys and girls.

Cooking Show "CookLand"

2018, 17′, Ukraine

NovaModa Production Center

A show with no skilled cooks! There are 5 participating pairs which love to cook and gladly compete for a cash prize! It’s an otherworldly culinary battle!

Detention Adventure

2019, 11′, Canada

Director: Joe Kicak

Legend has it that Alexander Graham Bell’s secret laboratory containing mysterious treasures is hidden beneath the school, and the entrance is somewhere in the old library – now used as the detention room.

Wadada news for kids Ukraine

2018, 26′, Ukraine


A TV news program for kids aged from 8 to 14, which airs twice a month. It was created in Ukraine in cooperation with kids and youth studios. This program is a part of global initiative WADADA NewsforKids, which is implemented in 22 countries of the world together with kids and for kids. 

Turtle Taido in Osun and Kogi States

2018, 13′, Nigeria, United States

Director: Artie Romero

Adventures of Turtle Taido is a Nigerian TV series about a bubbly, magic turtle on an adventure across Nigeria.


2018, 8′, Islamic Republic of Iran

Directors: Ehsan Tavassolizdeh, Mona A. Shahi, Sajjad GHolizadeh

Didi Made a boat to sell and earn a lots of money but he had designed it by copying it from Boodi’s design! Would this little cheat goes well?

My Little Boys

2018, 3′, Taiwan

Director: Jack Shih

The little boy discovered the aged couch in the living room with an already dented hole on the surface, curious as he is, he made it his personal storage, stuffing all kinds of snacks and toys. He plans a secret space exploration along with his dog Donnie, transforms the couch into a super spaceship.

Nuku Nuku

2018, 6′, Chile

Director: Vivienne Barry Onfray

A boy named Martin travels from Chile to Easter island. There he meets other children who invite him to learn about the island: culture, dances, animals, games and other.


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