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Best Television Programme by Children Studio

Best Television Programme by Children Studio

Talk about mom

2019, 5’, Ukraine

Television and press studio «Vmeste»

How do you know that your mother loves you? Does she tell you this or hug you affectionately? Or maybe she gives you presents, always supports you and spends a lot of time with you? Every person has their own “language of love”.

Letter to Santa Claus

2018, 11’, Ukraine

Studio «New Wave», TRC «Sigma»

December 4 is a special holiday when you can order New Year presents. Tips from young journalists on how to send a letter to a white-bearded wizard.


2019, 3’, Crimea

Children’s television studio «First Step»

Is there a need for regular post offices and postal boxes in a modern world? 

Did the story begin with us?

2019, 6’, Crimea

Children’s television studio «First Step»

We combine a number of generations, nations, traditions. One cannot replace something that is personal to us by something “general” and betray the memory of our ancestors.


2018, 15’, Ukraine

Children’s studio of TV presenters “VESELKA TV”

Where can one celebrate New Year and Christmas holidays to remember?! Many people face this uneasy question! Young journalists will try to help! With this responsible mission they went to one of the “least German” German cities: to the capital of Germany, Berlin.

Do it if you can

2019, 9’, Ukraine

Creative TV

It’s the entertainment show for children and adults. The show hosts are looking for the participants and give them a certain task which they have to do within a limited time. The one, who does the task the quickest, will get a prize.

On the blade of a rapier

2019, 15’, Ukraine

Сhildren’s television studio “OUR WORLD”

From serious injuries to victory. The life story of Yevheniia Breus, a Paralympic fencing champion.


2019, 5’, Ukraine

Media school «Novy Kadr»

Analyzing a history of native city and invite everyone to join us.

Kids about the stars

2018, 4’, Ukraine

NovaModa Production Center

A media-project where children-journalists interview people of show business.

Workshop (#scarves)

2019, 9’, Ukraine

Children’s Internet TV “Vualia”

A program invites into the world of Ukrainian customs and traditions. Nowadays a headscarf is a rather popular wardrobe piece of modern girls and women, bright and fashionable accessory. We recommend going back to the roots, to the forgotten ritualism. A headscarf was not just a headwear, but a special sacred object, a relic from immemorial times on the Ukrainian land.


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