Best Documentary by a Children Studio

Best Documentary by a Children Studio

The Last Call

2019, 6′, Canada

Director: Parth Modi

This documentary showcases the drastic change in climate due to irresponsible actions caused by human beings.


2018, 16′, Ukraine

Studio “One hundred fantasies”

A story about a “sunny” family of the Chystiakovs, who founded a health and recreation center for children with Down syndrome and other mental illnesses and who bring up future Olympic champions.

The happiness of rebirth

2019, 10′, Ukraine

Initiative group «MEDI@NNA»

A young journalist gets to know better the works of Mariia Prymachenko, one of the most famous representatives of the naïve art. The girl is trying to understand and grasp the artistic phenomenon of a Ukrainian artist. She gets inspired by the works of the artist where the history, folk traditions, human values and bright colors intertwine.

Painful to recollect, impossible to forget: a story from my grandmother’s childhood

2018, 6′, Ukraine

Сhildren’s video studio “Creative”

This film is about the memories of the film director’s grandmother about the difficult times during the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

Down the streets of cinematographic Poltava

2019, 9′, Ukraine

Cinema and TV Studio «Alpha»

The film “Sunflower” starring an actress Sophia Loren and her partner Marcello Mastroianni was filmed just outside Poltava by the director Vittorio De Sica.

We are just others

2019, 7′, Ukraine


Special children are the same as all the other children. They also laugh, cry just like all the other children on our planet. They are just different.

White stroke and black imprint

2019, 12’, Ukraine

Children’s TV studio “OUR WORLD”

Postcards, illustrations, labels, художні твори and much more. This film tells us about one of the techniques of printmaking.

I am Alireza

2019, 7’, Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Mahdi Masoumi

The film narrates the life reality of a disable boy who in spite of his disability has achieved a lot of success.


2018, 9’, Ukraine

Children’s Studio «FOCUS»

The film is about the mass grave during the times of the First World War. Combat actions took place during the Brusilov Offensive.


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